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  1. AdaminCO

    Show off your plants' Fall colors!

    This is my first grow and I am so intrigued at how these plants transform. After freaking out over the massive number of leaves turning yellow, someone informed me it was their “Fall” colors coming out. I snapped a few pictures of my grow last night, a week or so before harvest, and was blown...
  2. T

    SunPlusLED P6 - 650w - LED Fall Savings!

    Grow with the SUN! If your thinking of buying a LED Lamp, Now is a great time. SunPlusLED is gearing up for our Fall Sale! The SunPlus Pioneer P6, 650w COB LED w/Timer is the Hottest Grow Lamp on the Market. Get yours now! Stay Tuned & Follow this Thread, A Buy Now Button will be Activated on...
  3. cnile

    They do this all day - More light?

    its like 17 of the 17 hours of light they have they are doing this. to me when i go in it looks like they are asking for more??? wouldn't they let their fan leaves fall and just soak in the light if it was closer and cool enough? or do you think this is cause the garden is too crowded, they...
  4. K

    MA: Marijuana Industry Taking Root In Fall River

    Fall River - If you go to a hash bar in Amsterdam, your server will ask you first: What kind of high do you want? Do you want your head to float? Do you want your body to feel no pain? Are you going dancing? That, experts say, is a mature marijuana market. A good portion of the country...
  5. C

    Medical Marijuana Company Gets The OK To Build Facility In Fall River

    Fall River - Marijuana will be grown and processed into medicine in a laboratory planned for the city's biotech office park. Cannatech Medicinals Inc., a company based in Fall River, got Phase 3 approval from the state Department of Public Health to build a 30,000-square-foot facility at the...
  6. R

    TV Personality Tim Gunn Gunning To Promote Hemp Bill For Massachusetts

    It is a humble, hardworking plant with a notorious cousin. If any living thing ever needed the help of star power, it is hemp. Tim Gunn is coming to Boston to provide that boost. It could, eventually, result in more jobs and industry in the city, officials say. Gunn is a TV personality...
  7. R


    Does anyone know what will happen if I grow quality hybrids in the spring Hawaiian outdoors? Our summer's are very long. However don't hybrids have a internal clock that makes them flower also? Normally these mind strains are planted in the fall and first harvest is about November. This...
  8. A

    Fall season and purple urkle

    photo I came up with for the fall season, hope you all like it!
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