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  1. C

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone I'm new to this so hope all goes well going to be browsing for a bit to get familiar any advise
  2. Ron Strider

    OH: Special Delivery Yields Box Of Pot

    An unexpected delivery Friday to a house Pickerington contained even more unexpected contents: medical marijuana. According to a Fairfield County Sheriff's Office report, a postal worker left an express mail box on Oakemere Drive front porch Friday morning. When the resident retrieved the...
  3. OlderGrower

    Anyone familiar with a strain called ACDC?

    Hello I am trying to track down a supplier of seeds or clones of a strain called ACDC. If anyone knows anything about where I can get my hands on either seeds or a clone please PM me Thanks
  4. blackpaw

    Ever play with wet sand at the beach? Look familiar?

    Look familiar? It's just the scale is tiny compared to a real-life wet-sand-drip artwork