fan leaf

  1. Durban Poison

    Durban Poison

    Huge fan leaves, in veg
  2. S

    What are the brown spots on leaves?

    Only on a few of the bigger fan leaves. Wierd brown spots. What could it be?
  3. 71485547_10162308099790164_1850219456681213952_o.jpg


    My beauty Black Domina! She's a pretty girl :)
  4. 8E65E23F-23E3-459D-93C5-53244B15E37C.jpeg


    Beautiful fan leaf Bubba Kush
  5. DSC_0007 (2).JPG

    DSC_0007 (2).JPG

    Fan leaf
  6. I

    Is This A Good Or Bad Idea?

    hi fellow pot head :thumb: :volcano-smiley: iv recently started to flush one of my plants but still more to do as their all a weed ahead of each other cause i didnt want to to all harvesting/trimming ect.. at one time, but any way the bud lower buds on my plant arent getting as much...
  7. I


    i was woundering is it ok to pinch of the lower fan big fan leafs to let light get to the new branes pluse im kinda low on room seeming im growing in my closet, iv tryed pinching some of one of the plants to exprement an it seemed to be a great hlep in the under growth but somtimes thing can be...
  8. H

    Yellowing of fan leaves during first week of flowering

    My plant has just begun flowering (it's been a week, week and a half at most) and I noticed the fan leaves have been dying at a very fast rate, it seems like almost over night some leaves have gone completely yellow starting from the bottom I'm not using any nutes but I am using a little...
  9. DrTentgrow

    upside down fan leaf?

    Hello just wondering i looked at my plants a few days ago and on one of them a fan leaf had turned completely upside down i managed to gently twist it back. Does anybody know why this might happen?
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