1. exhaust and filter

    exhaust and filter

    big filter and fan runs air for three tents
  2. vyserage

    Veg stage fan leaf pruning issue

    What do you guy's think? I have my 6 plants and i have been every other day clipping off upper and middle fan leaves that are blocking light to lower nodes inside the middle of plant so that light easily penetrates the entire inner side of all shoots. Even if its a top fan leaf ill let it grow...
  3. R

    Stealth grow cabinet

    I have a few questions about building a stealth grow cabinet the cabinet I have in question is approximately 5 foot tall 3ft in depth I am using an advance PlatinumLED the p450 with veg and bloom switches, I have a fan and carbon filter setup but I believe my carbon filter and fan are to big I...
  4. rillos

    Has anybody seen this before?

    I got a fan leaf with a bud growing on the stem.
  5. Smeegol

    The Jerky Box Project: OG Kush & Haze 2.0

    Good Morning all @:420: . I'm a Saffa all my life, lived in Vergennes,V.T. at a summer resort on Lake Champlain for bout 5 years and ski resorts during the winter, loved my time there, the sights, the places, the people I met OH WOW, but V.T. stole my heart cause of Autum colors. Been a hectic...
  6. S

    Stryker63's DWC Northern Lights Fem Grow Journal

    Hey all - New to the site and first indoor DWC grow. Here's the plan. Please weigh in with feedback!! Space - 3' x 3' x 7' Lighthouse Hydro heavy duty tent, Lights - 6" Horizon Suntube reflector, EyeHortilux 600-Watt Super HPS Grow Bulb and Revolt digital dimmable ballast - set to 100%...
  7. S

    Can I put a fan heater in my tent?

    Was going to use a fan heater in my tent aslong as its not blowing on plants it should be fine? Anyone use one in tent?
  8. F

    Exhaust and fan

    Should I exhaust my grow room during lights out and should I keep a ground fan circulating sorry this probably exists somewhere but I just ran out of time
  9. C

    Trimming fan leaves

    Black Indica has large fan leaves. Will they reduce production by blocking the sun? If so, is it helpful to trim the the biggest or does that harm the plant?
  10. T

    White Cookies

    First time grower, plant is 55 days old, size and shape of a large beach ball did not top. Seem to have plenty of branches " do not know all the proper names". Also. seems to have a great deal of fan leaves. do some of these need to be trimmed? Also when might I expect signs of flowering?
  11. Slinks

    Advanced Lighting & Heat Questions

    Yo yo, I was told that measuring the temperature of your grow directly in the light doesn't give a true reading so now I always measure on the edge of a shadey spot. However I have no real ideas if this is even true and if it is does anyone know why? As the leaves and buds are directly in...
  12. Whitstone

    Is this nutrient burn?

    Setup is 450 LED light 5 Auto Seeds ( 4 Auto Speed Bud, 1 Amnisea ) One Fan Temp always in the 70f 4x2x5 grow tent I am just wondering as it my frist time are these nute burns or something else? The fan leafs look a bit off in colour and texture
  13. Weezze

    Variac for inline fan?

    Hi! I bought a new fan a few weeks ago, Panasonic FV-20NLF1 WhisperLine 240 CFM. It's very quiet, but I have put a speed controler on it because it blow too much for my little tent! :53: But with it I have the "hum" noise from the fan. I've read that a Variac would make no noise, but I...
  14. CoralineJones

    Favorable genetic mutations in marijuana plants

    hi all long time lurker, first time poster, just wondering if anyone would be interested in crossbreeding diff mutations n see what happens currently growing a mutant which had a single fan leaf under every branch n looking for any other mutations that people may be interested in sharing...
  15. panel350

    Setting up grow tent

    Hi All, great site!! I'm setting up my first grow tent ,it's 31cf I have a 1000w led on order ,I just want to know what CFM inline fan to get for Carbon filter to suit this size tent . Cheers Kev
  16. K

    8 Unknown 1 GG#4

    Seedlings grown indoor from germination under a 400W MH bulb connected to an 400cfm exhaust fan. Intake 140cfm fan Temps range from 84°-91°F / Humidity drops to a low 21% and high 40ish 5, 10 day old seedlings, 1 dwarf plant ( 8 weeks old) Both "Lady" and the "GG#4" outdoor grow...
  17. D

    Unique way to vent grow room for no odor detection

    I have a grow room in my basement with and use a heavy duty exhaust fan with a 4" discharge. I removed the sewer cleanout cover in my basement, extended a 4" plastic pipe from the cleanout to two feet above the floor and attached the fan discharge to the pipe. All the smell from my grow room...
  18. T

    Success in my garage right next to my car!

    I'm new to this, but I'd like to share my setup with you. It's taken me a while to get it right, but I'm getting some good results. I'm growing in two canvas grow tents in my garage. One is 2'x4'x5' for flowering and the other is 2'x2'x4' for vegetative growth. The big tent has a 600W LED and...
  19. C

    Colt45's Waterfarm/Soil GDP Grow Journal - 2017

    Hello, everyone! This is my first grow. My setup is; Hydrohut - Silver Edition Hut 4.5X4.5 Continental Fan In-Line Duct Fan 6 Inch, 308 CFM Can-Lite Carbon Filter 6 inch - 600 CFM Two Clip on Hurricane Fans 600W MH - Apollo / 1000W HPS Eye Hortilux 600W/1000w Quantum dimmable ballasts...
  20. Gazoo

    Doc's Inspired Help Journal Run By Gazoo - Blueberry In DBHB Kit

    Starting this Journal a little early I will be DROPPING Seeds on November 9th =================================================== I will try and keep this active until then. Since MUSIC is a big part of my life and I can always find some Lyrics that can say how I feel I will start with Joe...