1. Keffka

    Vivosun AeroWave E6 Clip Fan

    I recently was gifted a @VIVOSUN AeroWave E6 clip fan to try out and have to say I am impressed. This fan was clearly designed with the indoor grower in mind. I’m not gonna dive deep into the technical specifications as those are readily available (I’ll attach a photo at the end). I’ll speak on...

    VIVOSUN Questionnaire: Your Answers Help Us Improve

    Please participate in our little survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous). We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our product and service. We will choose three answers to send our gift~
  3. Bottom-fan.jpg


    Small Fan at bottom to force CO2 Out
  4. CannaTech3D

    CannaTech3D Grow Tent Accessories! Fan Clamp Mounts & Shelves & More!

    Hello 420 FAM! Use coupon CANNATECH10 in our Amazon store to get 10% off your order! We have plenty of FBA stock and will be fulfilled by Prime delivery. We Ship FBA (Fullfilled by Amazon) to USA, Canada, and Mexico...
  5. 9171yQSL7uL._AC_SX960_SY720_.jpg


    Grow Tent clamp fan mount. Lifetime Warranty! We stand behind our products! Sizes: 16mm 19mm 22mm
  6. hazeluv69

    Heat issue due to fan placement

    Well firstly I’m growing in coco coir, canna range , flowering week 4 ph 6-6.5, temps 25-28 lights on, humidity 50-70 mainly 50/60. Recently my temperatures have been going up to 31 degrees when I turn my oscillating fan that I have blowing air down towards the plants . Without that fan on and...
  7. P

    Advice on fans, air circulation and PM

    HeyI have a few questions on air circulation. The reason is because today I looked on my exhaust fan (black AC Infinity) and saw some white powdery substance. Now my plants don’t have any on them and I quickly wiped the fan with alcohol. I have 3-6” clip fans and a 6” exhaust fan. Should I be...
  8. hazeluv69

    Choice between the fan on: high humidity, or fan off: low humidity, flowering please help

    Hi I’ve ran into an issue during my mid flowering, I know ideal humidity range is like 40-60 , so that’s why I am asking the following question kinda - to explain my issue , if I have my oscillating fan on My humidity rises a lot and I need it down & if I leave the fan off the humidity is...
  9. G

    Bad Fan? Or Bad Filter?

    I bought a cheap tent/fan/filter combo of amazon. I’ve replaced everything it came with except the fan/filter. The filter is leas than 2 weeks old. I took it apart and the fan has suction and plenty of exhaust without the filter. When I attach the filter back to the fan is has hardly any...
  10. S

    Do I need an exhaust fan with this filter?

    Hi guys ! Bit new here. I was wondering if i need to buy an exhaust fan with this carbon Filter i recently purchased. Any help is much appreciated ! iPower 4/6/8 Inch Inline Fan Carbon Filter Ducting Combo w/ Speed Controller
  11. L

    Fan destroys humidity levels?

    Hey I have a humidifier standing in my grow room, normally when i have it running humidity is like 60-70% for my seedlings. I didnt really have any ventilation and I was scared that maybe mold would start to form, so I purchased a fan. The fan is doing a really good job with moving the air...
  12. C

    What Extraction Kit For 5x5

    So this is my first grow, I have got myself 1.5 x 1.5 tent. Lumatek turrican adjustable ballast 1000w. What I’m struggling most is getting the right extraction kit, I have been looking at revolution vector with speed controller 150mm 769m3h or 200mm 1332m3h. Will one of these be enough to keep...
  13. Air mover

    Air mover

    Proper air circulation aids in drying and helps prevent mold.
  14. exhaust and filter

    exhaust and filter

    big filter and fan runs air for three tents
  15. vyserage

    Veg stage fan leaf pruning issue

    What do you guy's think? I have my 6 plants and i have been every other day clipping off upper and middle fan leaves that are blocking light to lower nodes inside the middle of plant so that light easily penetrates the entire inner side of all shoots. Even if its a top fan leaf ill let it grow...
  16. R

    Stealth grow cabinet

    I have a few questions about building a stealth grow cabinet the cabinet I have in question is approximately 5 foot tall 3ft in depth I am using an advance PlatinumLED the p450 with veg and bloom switches, I have a fan and carbon filter setup but I believe my carbon filter and fan are to big I...
  17. rillos

    Has anybody seen this before?

    I got a fan leaf with a bud growing on the stem.
  18. Smeegol

    Completed The Jerky Box Project: OG Kush & Haze 2.0

    Good Morning all @:420: . I'm a Saffa all my life, lived in Vergennes,V.T. at a summer resort on Lake Champlain for bout 5 years and ski resorts during the winter, loved my time there, the sights, the places, the people I met OH WOW, but V.T. stole my heart cause of Autum colors. Been a hectic...
  19. S

    Abandoned Stryker63's DWC Northern Lights Fem Grow Journal

    Hey all - New to the site and first indoor DWC grow. Here's the plan. Please weigh in with feedback!! Space - 3' x 3' x 7' Lighthouse Hydro heavy duty tent, Lights - 6" Horizon Suntube reflector, EyeHortilux 600-Watt Super HPS Grow Bulb and Revolt digital dimmable ballast - set to 100%...
  20. S

    Can I put a fan heater in my tent?

    Was going to use a fan heater in my tent aslong as its not blowing on plants it should be fine? Anyone use one in tent?
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