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  1. Why Doe

    Help me solve a 12/12 light tent problem

    I'm setting up for my next grow, and this time I'll be trying photoperiod seeds. I want to get a bigger inline fan, the one pictured, but I don't want to hook it up to the ducting the way I have now, it takes up too much space. How do you guys with inline fans stop light from getting in? I've...
  2. O

    Insulated duct help

    Hi. All online I've seen that in order to drastically lower the volume of my fan I should use insulated ducting instead of regular. I just purchased the master flow 6x25 insulated duct from Home Depot and I'm lost. The ducting is way thicker than I expected it to be and the pink fiberglass...
  3. R

    Stealth Autoflower

    This is my auto girl started on the 16th so I'm a little late uploading my journal everything is going great I'm using a stealth box with a 150w led 1 exhaust fan I'm about to add another fan, carbon filter does not work that good as the small is horrible but she's looking great I'm using fox...
  4. D

    Heat issues arise - No pun intended

    Ok so this is my first post. However, I have read through quite a few threads and have tried various methods yet I cannot achieve my end goal so I'm looking for some advice. My tent size is 2x2x3 it's a small grow. I'll be utilizing scrog as well as topping them to maintain height. But my issue...
  5. M

    Dying Leaves - Red Stems - Curling Tips And Yellowing During Early Flowering

    Hi farmers, First time grower here. I'm in week 3 of flower with my Bruce Banner, grown in coco. She's been an extremely healthy looking and fast-growing plant until just recently, when I started to notice some brown/ dying spots on like all of my fan leaves. They don't seem to match any...
  6. R

    Grow Room Setup

    I just got a 48"x48"x80" Matrix grow tent and bought the recommended accessories, an 8" Booster Fan Inline Blower Exhaust Ducting Cooling Vent HPS, 25' of 8" non insulated Aluminum Ducting and 2 worm Clamps. Is there anything else that I would need besides the carbon filter, digital off/on...
  7. B

    Barista's Finest First Grow, Gorilla Glue, Auto Pounder, Royal Kush

    Hey poeple! My first attempt at growing, the 3 strains I'll be growing are Royal Kush, Gorilla Glue and Auto Pounder. Ive just picked up the gorilla glue and auto pounder today but the royal kush has been going for around 22 days. My equipment are as follows: 2x4 grow tent 600w HPS 5inch...
  8. A

    Heat questions!

    Hey folks! I live in Ireland, a country not known for its sunny climate but we're enjoying an unusually nice, extended period of sunshine at the moment. I have a 150w hps in my 60*60*140 black box tent, that I run at night, but temps inside the tent are getting stoopid hot regardless, 31C+...
  9. F

    Diagnose my leaf problem

    I do not know what these spots are. They are usually on the older fan leaves, and they are dark purpleish black. Anyone?
  10. D

    White Widow x Big Bud 600W HPS

    germinated the seeds 10 days ago, now have under 600w hps with a big oscillating fan and a small fan to help airflow. nutes I am going to be using Dutch pro grow A&B Dutch pro bloom A&B and Dutch pro ph+. I soaked seeds for 24 hours and then put them straight into 20L pots
  11. CHED

    Snid & Ched's Excellent Adventure - Auto Armageddon

    SNID AND CHEDS EXCELLENT ADVENTURE--AUTO ARMAGEDDON a story of two friends who came together, to grow inside and escape the weather. within these walls their forests grew, so many colours... green, orange, purple, blue. from in the soil, roots blossomed then bloomed for snid and ched...
  12. Mrblunts420

    I'm back with pics!

    Whats up everybody! Im back with my set up with pics.. My initial idea for my first grow was going to be a tent that I was given for free, 3x4.5x7ft... its been in my garage for a year and with financial situation changing and the growing frustration with not starting I decided to think...
  13. T

    Tower fan that will come on with external timer

    Hello I am looking for a smallish oscillating tower fan that will work off an external timer. All the fans I see need to be turned on every time you plug it in. I bought this Seville Classics UltraSlimline 17 in. Oscillating Personal Tower Fan and other than it not working with an external...
  14. K

    I need a hand here if you guys could?

    This is a double post, i recently posted one in "australia" here's what i wrote So I've recently started growing and I'm jumping about 5 weeks in. I'm having some problems. And I need a hand with it. I'm using a mars hydro 300w with 1 7w exhaust fan. The lighting schedule is 18/6hr on an...
  15. S

    Cheap Chinese LEDs - Compost bin grow box - A bit ghetto but so easy

    Hey Guys. I am 2 weeks from harvesting my 1st ever grow, but I have been reading and learning a great deal from these forums and of course youtube. This post stems from the holy japanese LED thread. I wanted to show a really cheap but nice and easy LED setup. I have started the seedlings in this...
  16. Q

    Ventilation help

    Hi I have a 3 by 3 by 5 foot grow room and was wondering if a 100 cfm inline duct booster fan with a carbon filter rated for 200 cfms would be ok?
  17. O

    First time grower

    Hi everyone. First time grower here. Set up is 400w hps light in a 60x60x140 black orchid tent with 100m3ph air intake fan and 150m3ph extractor fan with carbon filter outside tent because I needed to use ducting from extractor fan to the hood of the light to reduce heat. Been going just under...
  18. dauzer

    Dauzers 2017 Incredible Bulk, HIDs, LEDs, Soil & Hydro

    Hey guys :Namaste: New journal and a whole new setup :thumb: So, this time around I've decided to add a few new toys to the mix. Iv been debating over the past few weeks whether to stick with soil or jump ship to hydro. I like soil but I don't like the mess that comes with it. In the...
  19. C

    Durban Poison & Blue Dream Feminised DWC Grow Journal

    Hello all & thanks for adding me to the forum. I haven't grown in approximately twelve years; much has changed for the better! I've taken past experience, researched, & have executed an in-progress modular closet setup. The strains I'm currently working with are Durban Poison & Blue Dream. I...
  20. E

    Plucked fan leaves of any use?

    Hi all, My plant is in week 3 plus of flower. I defoliated a few days ago and have several ounces of undried fan leaves. Are they good for anything? Cannabutter, tincture, etc.?
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