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  1. hazeluv69

    Oscillating fan causing high humidity during flower!

    As the title says, my oscillating fan is causing my humidity to rise too high in my grow tent and I’m like a month into flower so I tend to leave my extraction on 24/7 but no blowing air on the leaves as it’s raising humidity as I don’t want no Mold or rot. Is this okay that I’ve got my...
  2. H

    Questions regarding winter grow room temp control

    I started my first grow last May and ran through the summer, harvesting a couple of weeks ago. The temps here (Oregon) were 70 - 90 but my grow room which is in my shop stays cooler than the outside temperature (70's to mid 80's). This worked great for the summer months. The only issue that...
  3. MackMcMacMac

    Do I have spider mites?

    First, the deets: Strain: auto/fem Tutankhamon (mostly sativa) from Pyramid Age: 32 days from sprouting Medium: FoxFarms Ocean Forest in 3-gallon felt pot inside a 5-gallon bucket (indoor grow) Water: Water in = pH 6, water out = pH 6. Source = dehumidifier collection Nutes: Added 0-10-10...
  4. T

    help/critique my future setup

    Hi 420Mag, I'm in my planning phase of starting a grow in maybe a year or less from now. I was hoping to throw out my plan and get some suggestions or critiques for it would be great! Veg tent Tent Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5x8 Light Spectrum King: Mother's Little Helper 100w Inline fan 8"...
  5. SwAggNiFiCeNt

    1st time grower with some questions

    hey everyone, im brand spanking new to the growing arena. just wanted as much feedback as possible before i got going so any help would be greatly appreciated. 2x2.5x 6'11 gorilla grow tent 220W california light works solarflare full spectrum led 2 Hurricane inline fans (both 4") timers...
  6. H

    CFM fans and tents

    Hello everyone I'm struggling to get my head round how much air, and how often needs to be extracted from the tent That i have on ordered Please could someone link me the forum post or be kind enough To explain the equation to me. Tent dim are 240x120x200 I think my fan is 175m3/he ...
  7. S

    4x4 tent - Mars Pro 320 - Ice Widow

    HEY ALL, BRAND new to this forum.... and just wanting some advice on my first grow. Sooooo I have. 4x4 tent. Mars pro 320 epistar. 6 inch exhaust fans. BioBizz light grow medium. fans to circulate the air. 10 x Ice widow seeds. Im hoping to at least get a pound out of all of...
  8. T

    Carbon filter and fans

    I am new to growing and I'm just wondering am I supposed to have the carbon filter and fan on during the veg stage or the flower stage or both I would appreciate any help thank you
  9. 4

    A Few Ventilation Questions

    Hi guys, a little advice please! It's my first grow... Strain: 2x Northern Lights auto Grow space: 90x60x90cm grow tent (HxDxW) Lights: 96w T5 Ventilation: Mini 6" desk fan Light cycle: 12/12 So my question: Is a 6" desk fan sufficient for a space like this? And do I need to keep it on...
  10. D

    Dresser Grow - Ventilation Help

    Hello there. I need some help with my dresser grow box. My dresser is 27 x 30 x 13 (Width x Height x Depth). I have 4 x 12mm, 1 x 10 mm, 3 x 8mm PC Fans. I don't know their power or CFM. The bigger the more air it blows. I am planning on build a 250w CFL grow, 10 or 8 cfl light bulbs. No...
  11. Mikesu58

    Attic 3x3x5 Tent Grow - Need Advice & Feedback

    Hello, I plan to start growing very soon in my Attic. I have set up a 3x3x5 Gorilla Grow Shorty Tent already, and am just waiting for the rest of my equipment to arrive, and set it up before I start the grow op. I used Styrofoam 1" reflective insulation to create a room in my attic, separate...
  12. V

    I grow marijuana - Please guide me how to cool the grow box

    Hi! Please send me the link products like cooling fans in the video, I live in Vietnam, I needed it to cool in the grow box. Cooling fans about how much money? if more than $100 I would not buy it. !!! Help me... Thanks all !!!
  13. 4

    Grow Room & Electrical Setup - Help Please - Newbie Warning!

    Hi everybody! First off I'm a TOTAL newbie...not only to the forums and growing, but also to cannabis in general, so apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge! Basically, I'm at my wits end with various ailments so I've decided to go down the MMJ route after having read such positive...

    Where to put the inline fan?

    Yo whats up everyone...Im here in brasil (rio) and im seting up a 4000 watt cool tube- ebb and flow...thing is I can only find these 200 cfm inline fans...the question is should i mount the fan to the wall? Or mount the fan directly on to the cool tube? OR Is it best to have the fan like half...
  15. 1ofaKind

    Felt Pots White Mold On Outside Organic

    Hello, I have a very happy, healthy garden! But today, I looked down and saw a lot of white on the outside of the 7 gal smart felt pots. I just started using OregonismXL tea from Roots. Mostly organic ferts, inoculated soil, budswell. But the HV fan is on at all times...
  16. ChronicPurps

    600w 2x4

    Hi 420 mag. I have this 2x4x6 tent and a 600w mh/hps switchable dimmable light and im running a 500 cfm centrifugal fan. My temps currently run in between mid 80s to low 90s with the light running but my humidity is 39%-mid 40s. Im trying to get more circulation in there with clip fans. I was...
  17. C

    Air filtration questions

    I am putting together my first room and although my name is ColoradoJo staying low pro is very important to me. My room is 225 cubic feet. I plan on using two 8" hyper fans. One to scrub and the other on a timed exhaust. My question is can I reduce them down to 6" phresh filters to save space as...
  18. D

    Exhaust fan position

    Ok so I've done 4 grows now and found that my light is being to dispursed in the grow area as its to big for my lights. So to fix this I bought a grow tent. 6x6x5 my questions is this. I have a 325 cfm inline fan should I put it blowing fresh air into the tent or suckling older air out of the...
  19. S

    Inline Fans - What's the best?

    :Namaste: Guys! Ok i'm looking for the collective view / personal experiences with the best i.e. the quietest inline fans please. This is to cover 1 square meter grow space so just a little one - I believe it's around 169/70CFM if my calculations are correct. The most important thing here...
  20. T

    High temperature problems: Tent, DWC, LED

    I have no fans or anything currently, but my temps are 86f, and up to 95f in my dwc res. I have black buckets, which I realize now is a pain in my ass. I have a series of adjustments to make since I spent a good lot of cash on hydroponic equip, and I don't want to give up and switch to soil...
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