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  1. smoketheherb

    World Of Seeds - Afghan Kush Ryder

    Hey ,so I will always try something at least once and I have so far been reluctant to grow an auto, but I have to tell you, this grow has been a blast so far. This girl is growing herself. Taken every feeding like a champ, no deficiencies, stayed compact as advertised, started flowering by...
  2. L

    My harvest - Thanks to all who aided me in this journey!

    This is my final harvest guys and gals. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get this far.. I sure am happy with what I've got in my tent!!!
  3. D

    First timer

    Hi everyone first time.on here and first time grower. All's going well so far. Think no may have mag deficiency tho.
  4. P

    Aphids indoors - Can I win this war?

    Hi everyone. So I now have aphid in my grow room and it's spreading slowly, 1 plant at the time. Half the plants now have aphid. So far all I could find are tricks to help control or repel them and most will only kill the actual aphids but not the eggs. So far I tried garlic solutions...
  5. I

    First time growing - Late flowering stage

    Hey guys. I have a bagseed plant growing in the garden outside that I believe is nearing the end of flowering. I found a cocoon and brown bud that disinigrated when I touched it this morning. I clipped off 2 smaller looking buds and brought them inside. I noticed several tiny tiny bugs...
  6. R

    Mephisto Genetics

    I just started an auto flowering from Mephisto Genetics. Does anyone have any feedback on these as far as yield and quality.
  7. J

    Hi to all the 420 family

    Glad to be part of a great community, hope to help out where I can and also learn far more than I already no, 6 years experience till now and still learning. :thanks:
  8. BirdNerd

    Hello and Thanks for being here!

    My name is Camille and I recently have become interested in growing. I only have one plant but have been having tons of fun learning so far. My baby is a female sativa that is 4-5 weeks in bloom. Looking forward to the community! Peace
  9. T

    First time grower

    Whats up everyone! been a mmj patient for a year now. Decided to start growing my own medicine. Loving it so far and glad to be here. peace and good health to all
  10. R

    Hello from Alberta

    Hello all. I am new to this forum and am a medical marijuana user. Soon I will be getting into growing for my personal MMJ use. So far I have only been lurking around this site and doing research for my future grow op, and I have found a wealth of information so far. Anyways I am delighted to be...
  11. B


    High, I started my first plant ( ever ) in March of this year,. Like most of you I'm addicted! I have gotten all my own information online. Thank you. So far I have completed a Autoflower grow and made can ibis butter with the 1/2 ounce I got. Very good sleepy time Chocolate Cherry Bombs. I'm a...
  12. A

    Can a 730NM far red LED be added to HPS lighting during flower?

    I have a single far red light 730 nm I want to add as a small supplement to my 1000w raptor hps. would this be healthy for my girls ??? please help i thought so but people are saying only for a couple of minutes daily!
  13. Osothedon

    Does everything look good so far

    New to growing. My plant is exactly a week old today in soil. Just wondering if she look good. Or should she be a bit taller or maybe a little shorter or if she should have more leaves by now. Since it is my first grow I want all to go well.
  14. Desertrat60

    3rd First Grow Into Bud & A Couple Of Questions

    As my title says "I'm into my 3 rd. First Grow" Number one got killed by who knows what , second was thrips and mites from the bagged soil I used . My wife got me a killer composter that holds 80-90 gal. soil mix . I used "Vics Soil Mix" from here . I put them to Bud on March 30th. after 12...
  15. K

    Herbies seed review

    TSSC dropped of the earth So I'm trying Herbies pick n mix. They don't take credit cards so stuck sending cash.Never had a problem with TSSC so gave it a shot. So far it has been 12 days and Herbies says they have not received my mail. I'll give it a little more time and chalk it up to a loss...
  16. wizeman

    how far apart

    first grow and woundering how far a part should my lights be for a 18x18 room with 1000 HPS on the ceiling and I got 6 of them thanks looking to grow 25 plants :thumb:
  17. I

    CKS NYC Diesel First Grow

    First time growing, very very new to this. Little tentative on what I'm doing and how to do things. I am growing NYC Diesel and honestly couldnt tell you at what stage i am in flowing today marks 2 months since seed. Have not used any nutrients what so far. Mostly just experimenting, i do have...
  18. R

    Stealth PC first grow

    This is my first grow so far by myself, started the 30th fed with ff grow big and the other ff for veg, so far it looks like no stretch and leaves look healthy as can be any tips and help is appreciated
  19. StonedGypsy

    StonedGypsy's First Farming Foray!

    Hello fellow farmers, Its my first grow and journal here so a little "green" around the edges, but hey....I'm an eager quick study. So my equipment list is pretty short so far: 6x6x7 tent - Unknown manufacturer (2) 800w Sunnine COB Reflector LED (1) 300w Metal Halide DE Temp 75-77...
  20. Grow17

    AK 48 18 Days 12/12

    This was her when I 1st joined. Thanks for all the help so far :)
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