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  1. R

    Blue Dream'matic Comparison Auto Grow Super Soil Vs Promix+ Megacrop With LSD-25 Auto On The Side

    So this is my second grow and my first journal, so whether it is grow advice or journaling advice, I'm open to all suggestions. I had been interested in doing a grow with super soil from Nature's Living Soil, but I also have been watching Farside05's grows with megacrop and seeing his success I...
  2. ItsTommyGunnz

    Welcome to the Fastbudzclub

    Hi everyone, starting this thread for everyone and anyone who has or is growing fastbuds genetics :snowboating:.. a place where we can see all different types of fastbuds grows and help each other out when needed! Just a thread where we can have a little bit of fun really and maybe find out some...
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    Tangie’matic by FastBuds
  4. 72164BDE-148F-4E59-B98C-523883D6E2A0.png


    Tangie’matic by FastBuds
  5. farside05

    Growing Without Bloom Nutes By Farside05

    Welcome! I plan on keeping this thread an ongoing journal of my grows. In the past I've made a separate journal for every grow and left buts of pieces of information all over the site. Since there isn't a blog feature anymore, I thought I'd make a journal where I can store all my favorite...
  6. MrGreenFingerz

    16 Auto/Femi, FastBuds, StarDawGs! Flowering

    Here is my first 50 days of my run of 16 Autos of the strain StarDawg from Fastbuds. Its my first grow after some years and i must say i maybe went overhead with so many plants, but cant get myself to throw any out, so now i will just harvest some early, also they are in different flowering...
  7. MrSauga

    Sauga's Ride On The Pineapple Express

    Hi everyone, and welcome to my second Journal here at :420: This time around we are going with FastBuds Auto Pineapple Express. I have four beans on the go. Two will be planted in Promix HP and using the AN nute line. The other two will be in an organic potting mix, with MegaCrop and Kelp...
  8. Fastbuds Green crack

    Fastbuds Green crack

    This plant was put out late planted on July 5, 2018 the poor thing had buds before it got leaves. I just let it grow. smells like skunk and turned purple due to sudden temperature change.
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  10. IMG_20180612_180941.jpg


    Blue Dreammatic comparative..all five beans popped in 48 hours and broke ground in 24 hours
  11. C4-matic


  12. George from The Vault

    The Vault Crazy Christmas Promo 2017 - 300 Free Seeds And More

    Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year to all our customers from #TEAMVAULT We are super stoked to announce our Christmas discount code CHRISTMAS15 is live now, right up until the 2nd of Jan giving you 15% off all orders. But, that's not all. We have teamed up with the legendary...
  13. bebecillo

    Trichomes ready right? Help with flushing too

    Ok, so the auto seed I bought said it would be ready in 53 days but I always guesstimated timing would be under ideal conditions, yet I came home on day 54 and the trichomes seem ready. I have two problems now: 1.- Are they ready? I was expecting another month of growth, therefore achieving...
  14. L

    Legendaryfart's Outdoor Autoflower Grow

    Let me start by saying might as well be my first grow. I have done a few photos before outdoors but never made it to harvest. Once from be paranoid I cut up shop and once being my stupidity plants just died on me. I guess both times my fault lol. Im going guerilla in a hardly ever traveled...
  15. smokers420

    Fastbuds Auto GirlScout Cookie #1

    Day -52
  16. A

    ASHWAR's - Mars 11 - CFL - Sensi Plagron - Fastbuds - Da Guppie Run

    This journal is for the new guys like myself looking for information and feedback on personal advanced nutrients success & fails i am running sensi gr/bl, cal-mag, voodoo, b52, big-bud, overdrive, bud-candy, bud-ignitor, bud-factor-x, flawless-finish, my soil is plagron light-mix 100ltr and...
  17. NoobGrowUtube

    Auto Fastbuds - Girl Scout Cookies & LSD-25

    Come check me out
  18. S

    Fastbuds Girl Scout Cookies

    Just want to show off these Amazing Girl Scout Cookies. From FastBuds. The smell so amazing and the trichome production is just superior
  19. H

    Ever grown these strains?

    Has anybody grew BlackBerry kush auto- fastbuds Green crack- fastbuds I'm looking for an autoflower that will blow me away lol, so let me know yall
  20. BpoBrad

    FatsBuds OG - G14 - BlackBerry - Strawberry CheeseCake - Bubba's Gift - Oh & Clones!

    Hey y'all I'm starting my second journal for my next grow I'm just doing this so I don't crowd my other with all the pictures and comments. I'm mixing Auto's and Photo's this grow so I can have a harvest 20 or days or so (up or down) in to the photo's being flipped to flower because I plan on...
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