1. Fastbuds Green crack

    Fastbuds Green crack

    This plant was put out late planted on July 5, 2018 the poor thing had buds before it got leaves. I just let it grow. smells like skunk and turned purple due to sudden temperature change.
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  3. IMG_20180612_180941.jpg


    Blue Dreammatic comparative..all five beans popped in 48 hours and broke ground in 24 hours
  4. C4-matic


  5. Gary from The Vault

    The Vault Crazy Christmas Promo 2017 - 300 Free Seeds And More

    Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year to all our customers from #TEAMVAULT We are super stoked to announce our Christmas discount code CHRISTMAS15 is live now, right up until the 2nd of Jan giving you 15% off all orders. But, that's not all. We have teamed up with the legendary...
  6. bebecillo

    Trichomes ready right? Help with flushing too

    Ok, so the auto seed I bought said it would be ready in 53 days but I always guesstimated timing would be under ideal conditions, yet I came home on day 54 and the trichomes seem ready. I have two problems now: 1.- Are they ready? I was expecting another month of growth, therefore achieving...
  7. L

    Legendaryfart's Outdoor Autoflower Grow

    Let me start by saying might as well be my first grow. I have done a few photos before outdoors but never made it to harvest. Once from be paranoid I cut up shop and once being my stupidity plants just died on me. I guess both times my fault lol. Im going guerilla in a hardly ever traveled...
  8. smokers420

    Fastbuds Auto GirlScout Cookie #1

    Day -52
  9. A

    ASHWAR's - Mars 11 - CFL - Sensi Plagron - Fastbuds - Da Guppie Run

    This journal is for the new guys like myself looking for information and feedback on personal advanced nutrients success & fails i am running sensi gr/bl, cal-mag, voodoo, b52, big-bud, overdrive, bud-candy, bud-ignitor, bud-factor-x, flawless-finish, my soil is plagron light-mix 100ltr and...
  10. NoobGrowUtube

    Auto Fastbuds - Girl Scout Cookies & LSD-25

    Come check me out
  11. S

    Fastbuds Girl Scout Cookies

    Just want to show off these Amazing Girl Scout Cookies. From FastBuds. The smell so amazing and the trichome production is just superior
  12. H

    Ever grown these strains?

    Has anybody grew BlackBerry kush auto- fastbuds Green crack- fastbuds I'm looking for an autoflower that will blow me away lol, so let me know yall
  13. BpoBrad

    FatsBuds OG - G14 - BlackBerry - Strawberry CheeseCake - Bubba's Gift - Oh & Clones!

    Hey y'all I'm starting my second journal for my next grow I'm just doing this so I don't crowd my other with all the pictures and comments. I'm mixing Auto's and Photo's this grow so I can have a harvest 20 or days or so (up or down) in to the photo's being flipped to flower because I plan on...
  14. midasone

    Badgrower's Fastbud's Crystal Meth & Green Crack

    Light: 600w HPS from start to finish Medium: DWC Nutes: FloraNova Grow area: 3 x 3 tent Pots: 5gal bucket Strains: Fastbuds Crystal Meth Fastbuds Green Crack I'm a badgrower because I don't follow all of the traditional methods. I plan to transplant these autos as well as...