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  1. A

    Extraction Methods - Wash Vs Soak Vs Freezer Soak For Solvent Extractions

    Hello everyone. I need to get to the bottom of this so I need as much feedback as I can get from people who have extensively tested these methods. My question is regarding Full Spectrum Extracts using 190 or higher grain alcohol. Which method would draw out most of the plants medicinal...
  2. WPCollective

    How To - Full Extract Cannabis Oil - FECO - & Rick Simpson Oil - RSO

    Hey guys, Marvin with the Wolfpack Collective here. I'm going to share with you guys my method on how I make these two oils. Feel free to critique my tech and give me pointers. Cheers! Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO): This oil is very familiar to Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), the only difference...