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  1. Gorilla Glue veg

    Gorilla Glue veg

    Fed & Lst
  2. vyserage

    How long after a deficiency do you see improvement?

    As title says, how long? I noticed my leaves were begenning to purple between veins which as i have researched is a sign of not enough phosphorus. I fed my plants 2 days ago and its kind of hard to tell but i think those same leaves are still going purple instead of stopping. Tips? I hadnt...
  3. N

    How long before top fed becomes a moot point

    I know top fed dwc speeds up the beginning stages of the plant but when does it stop making any addition benefit? When the roots are out of the net pot and in the nutrient solution? On day 17 from seed atm and am using one tote for top fed dwc for 3 plants but want to move them to there own...
  4. C

    Anybody use PhonicTrap ducting

    Hello everyone was wondering if anybody here uses 'Phonic Trap ' ducting ? It looks really good so i bought some but have yet to fit it. I was getting fed up with the noise of air blowing so thought this should help. If anyone has any experience please share.
  5. juanbahama

    Top fed DWC - Top feed through whole grow or no?

    Hello! Ive got a top fed DWC bubbleponics setup going and was wondering if youre supposed to keep the top feed in throughtout the entire grow? As I understand it, top feeding isnt necessary, but helps a lot in the seedling phase. If that's true, should I remove the top feed tubes as they get...
  6. D

    Newbie Look!

    Quick question : When should I flip ? Started 10 plants 2 Pineapple Haze 1/6/17 , HT: 9" 2 Strawberry Kush 1/6/17, HT:8" 1 White Widow 1/6/17, HT:8" 2 White Widow (12/27/16) HT before LST 10" 2 BB Autos (1/6/17) HT: 14" 1 White Widow currently in ER from nit Tox Soil: ph 5.8 Watered ph 6.0...
  7. Cultivator

    Alien Hydroponic EasyFeed System

    Hello everyone. Welcome to my new journal. Strain: Amnesia Haze Veg or Flower: Clones in veg stage ready to be potted into 22litre smart pots Flower time: 9 weeks Soil or Hydro: Alien Hydroponic Easy Feed System. Coco Coir. Lights: Im thinking 4 or 6 600w duel spec hps but that may...
  8. A

    Need diagnosis

    I have a greenhouse auto grow, coco and perlite mix, in 7 gallon recycle bins, fed general hydros flora nova grow for veg with rapid start and calmag and floranova bloom with calmag and orca premium liquid mycorrhizae 5.8 ph, so 3 plants were on my auto feed system, the nutes were at 5ml/gal...
  9. D

    Does anyone know how to reverse Nitrogen Toxicity?

    One month into flowering i fed them to much nitrogen, is there a way to reverse?
  10. B

    Ooops - Fed Synthetic Plant Organic Food

    I M not too concerned but I accudently fed my synthetic fed plant organic food, as I am running both lines from Green Planet, and I m wondering if it ll cause any adverse effects? I could see if I went the other way and fed syn too an organic fed plant but I got lucky..... I m actually surprised...

    Latest FNG on the block - Saying hey all - Glad to be here!

    Top fed dwc and having fun learning and making lots of mistakes lol.
  12. YodaTheRedEye

    Purple Kush deficiency in veg stage: Need help please!

    Hello all, Here's a quick rundown of what's up: Purple Kush (2 weeks old since cotyledons opened) in soil mix 50/50 FFHP+FFOF w/ 30% perlite. This girl has never been fed nutes other than what's in the soil. She was watered on 02/10/16 w/ distilled water 7.1 pH w/ runoff of 6.09 pH &...
  13. J


    I think I have a phosphorous deficiency on my 4 weeks into flower Blue Dynamite. Leaf edges a deep red, some leaves twisting out of shape, and inconsistent yellowing. Thinking I should've fed her some koolbloom just then, but I'll have to wait till she drys again, hoping its not a big deal...
  14. K

    Skunk Haze Greenhouse Grow

    here is my skunk haze grown in soil at 54 north organic fed on plant magic yield 8 oz
  15. B

    Tiny white tips on leaves

    Hello! I noticed today, tiny white tips on some of my leaves. You can see a couple in this photo on the middle leaf. I just put the plant under LED for the first time and am wondering if it is a reaction...(the light was 33" away) Hasn't been fed / watered in 4 days and it was fed with a...
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