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  1. Ron Strider

    Canada: Quebec Groups Worried About Impact Of Cannabis In The Workplace

    Quebec's largest labor federation and a major business group say the provincial government needs to pay particular attention to the workplace consequences of cannabis use. The Quebec Federation of Labor and the federation that represents Quebec's chambers of commerce made the comments today...
  2. K

    VA: Arlington Civic Federation Gives Thumbs Up To Medical Marijuana

    It may be just a tokin' — er, token — vote, but delegates to the Arlington County Civic Federation on Jan. 3 nearly unanimously approved a resolution calling on the General Assembly to consider authorizing the use of marijuana for a broader range of medical uses. The lopsided 50-1 vote came a...
  3. K

    VA: Resolution On Marijuana Decriminalization Sent Back For Revisions

    A resolution calling for decriminalization of marijuana use in Virginia didn't get out of the starting gate Dec. 6, as delegates to the Arlington County Civic Federation sent the measure back for more work. Federation president Stefanie Pryor acknowledged that "people have some concerns"...