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  1. B

    Feeding schedule

    Hi guys i am using General hydrophonics nutirents Grow,bloom,Micro,Diamond, nectar, calimagi,koolbloom,armor si,I wanted to ask I found this feeding Schedule on general hydrophonics website and im growing photoperidoic Durban poison SHould i follow these feeding Schedules ? im asking because i...
  2. BigDannel

    Fox Farms Cheat Sheet

    I posted this in another thread and thought it may be helpful due to many people use this line of products. There is a lot of confusion as to when to use which of the "Big Three" and how they work. Always follow the Fox Farms feeding schedule, and make sure you're looking at the right media...
  3. hazeluv69

    Is my feeding right?

    So I’m growing in coco and I’m using the canna line of nutrients just wondering if I was making my nute mix correct. So basically I mix 2.5ml of canna a & b each 1ml calmag and 8ml rhiztonic to about 10 litres of water - my girls are growing healthy and are around 6 weeks old now (they are...
  4. Cheese


    Waited till soil was really dry, then fed. Trying to stop divas gnats
  5. R

    Leaves yellowing too fast

    Hi im new to the forum and growing and can do with some help please,im 5 1/2 weeks since switching to 12/12 and have problems with yellowing bottom/middle fan leaves,growing with 400w hps ph 6.5 ionic nutes 5ml/l bloom 1ml/l calmag was giving pk boost but cut that out last feed incase was the...
  6. W

    My First Time DWC Grow Journal CK Purple Kush & Green Crack

    Hey, guys, I'm totally new here and totally new to growing anything period. I just started and am off to a very rocky start so I decided maybe some guidance is needed from you experienced green thumbs. So here goes! - I did a DIY RDWC with top feed and had water sitting in it for about 4...
  7. Y

    Dyna Gro feed schedule?

    Dose anyone have a feed schedule fo Dyna gro for a DWC?? I do not use RO WATER. I use tap water. I use the bucket system. Feed Chart – Dyna-Gro This schedule is so powerful that there is a risk of nute burns. Please tell us your own recipe. PLEASE I NEED HELP
  8. Ron Strider

    CO: Group Met For Four Months To Discuss The Use Of Hemp Seed For Animal Feed

    The Colorado legislature, earlier this year, approved a bill that started a conversation between agriculture and regulatory leaders on the issue of hemp as a viable option for animal feed. Hemp is a cousin to marijuana but doesn't cause a person to get high, which is a distinct difference...
  9. G

    Drip Feed Hydroponic

    It's a very simple design, yet I hope it will show me the results, I am looking for! This is my first day at Hydroponics. I've made a fair effort at studying the different types of systems! I am using Clay Pabbles and seedlings sits in rockwool. For the next few days I will be adjusting the...
  10. A

    Soil Questions

    Pro-MIX (organic vegatable and Herb mix) says it feeds up to 3 months... .30/.05/.10 NPK. question is, should I wait to feed w my TechnaFlora Nutrients or is it ok to start?
  11. J

    OK To Feed Vaped Herb To Plants?

    Hi Is it Ok To Feed Vaped Herb to Plants? thx
  12. Furcifer

    2017 Aliens Have Landed! Leaving Behind Elite Ecwam & Deweyponics

    HAhahahaha and a $#!T load of seeds. Cute, huh.... Seriously, I finally got Fed-up with chasing the Organic train that technically does NOT exist in hydroponics... Considering the high end sterile nutrient lines (Not to be confused with anything from AN)lol More on this subject...
  13. PuffnPuggle

    Heat wave feeding schedule adjustment or not? Help

    This is my first grow, auto Lemon Haze in smart bags with FFOF and nutes are Go Box. After researching, I know to feed nutes only every other watering. Normally that is once ever 4 days, however we are having a heat wave and the days are 90 F so it has to be watered everyday...does that mean I...
  14. juanbahama

    Top fed DWC - Top feed through whole grow or no?

    Hello! Ive got a top fed DWC bubbleponics setup going and was wondering if youre supposed to keep the top feed in throughtout the entire grow? As I understand it, top feeding isnt necessary, but helps a lot in the seedling phase. If that's true, should I remove the top feed tubes as they get...
  15. Dank4The20

    New Grow - Not New To Agronomy Just New To Growing Cannabis

    I guess the basics are in order. MED user. 4x4 tent. 1000 watt air cooled tube. MH/HPS. Carbon/fans/inlines/ Will set up veg tent. If wife doesn't kill me..... Take note if the media covers a mysterious accidental death of a super attractive male. My wife did it. The Crop. White Widow Auto Fem...
  16. J

    Should I feed this to my babies?

    My seedling are in mg rn. Im going to transplant them into a mix of promix potting soil and perlite. for veg I got these two products the bloodmeal is 12-0-0 and the all purpose is 4-4-4 both granular yall think Ill be goods?
  17. K

    Hello from Alaska

    I want to grow up and become an "Arctic Farmer". Since it is below zero 9 months of the year - I have some unique problems to over come. I have a very large phototron brand new that is about 4 years old. That company went out of business so I cannot buy their nutrients or feed...
  18. K

    Hemp Study For Animal Feed Heads To Colorado Governor

    Colorado livestock could be eating hemp under a bill that awaits the governor's signature. The state House voted 63-0 Friday to direct the Colorado Department of Agriculture to study the feasibility of allowing farmers to use hemp in animal feed. Currently the practice is forbidden. Hemp...
  19. S

    Food for my plant

    can anyone help me what kind of food should I feed my pot plant and when first grow?
  20. I

    Feeding question

    Hi guys,im growing in soil,for the first 3 weeks i didnt feed my plants as they would of fed from the soil,after that i have been using flora nova grow and been giving half feeds,they are now about 12ins high do you think its about time to use full feed please ?,also i feed for 4 days and use...
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