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  1. OGeMann

    First White Widow Auto Indoor Grow: Part 1

    4 White Widow autos: They are in 3 gal fabric pots in a 5x5x8 tent They popped up on October 11,2020: Zoom in on this one⬇️ Awesome looking this is them at 5 wks, 5 days⬇️ Soil 70-30% mix=FFOF/ coco 2: HLG 100 V2 3000K will be getting 2 more for the next grow In-line fan- 400 CFM 1- 6...
  2. Mars Hydro

    Mars Hydro Led & Tent Grow Journals Collection

    In 420 magazines, there are a lot of users using Mars Hydro LEDs and tent to growing and write Grow Journal Here. This thread is for growers to share their journals, If you're curious about what Mars Hydro's lights can produce, this thread can also give you an answer ;) I will update the grow...
  3. Bubbaman

    3rd grow looking for feedback thanks

    Week 7 flower ,white widow , dirt grow
  4. H

    Pax or Davinci IQ users: Looking for your feedback!

    Hey vapers looking for feedback on an idea I've been working on. The idea came about as a way to solve common issues my buddies and I have had with the personal style portable vaporizers, mainly the Pax2,3 and Davinci IQ. I love both these devices but loading on the go, unloading, trying to...
  5. D

    Looking for feedback

    Hi I'm on my first soil grow and I'm using John Innes no2 and no feed for first two weeks then I have only fed tomato food, have a look at the pics and give me some feedback please. The plants are both autoflower 1st Somango 2nd Moby Dick.
  6. R

    Mephisto Genetics

    I just started an auto flowering from Mephisto Genetics. Does anyone have any feedback on these as far as yield and quality.
  7. C

    Licensed producers in Canada

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone can give me some insight into what are good LPs and ones to stay away from. I'm getting my "green" card soon and would love some feedback. Also looking into growing my own (through the proper channels of course). Thanks and take care!
  8. Jonthebeastn

    1st time grower

    Hello I'm a first time grower and wanted some feedback on plant. Is it healthy, I'm I missing something? Please advice or feedback would be great thanks guys!
  9. S

    Bubbleponics - Top-fed DWC - Seedling very slow grow - Leaves curled

    Hi -- I'd love to get some feedback about my first hydroponics grow: Scientific's Hydro Dwarf Low Flyer 24/7 Illumination Fireplace Grow Journal - 2017 This Dwarf Low Flyer is 13 days from seed, but for about 4 days has had kind of curled leaves and even though the leaves are developing...
  10. P

    First time growing !

    Hey everyone I was just after some advice as I want to do a first grow journal. I am 3 weeks into my first grow and things are going great but I'd like to share what I am doing and I'm looking to get some feedback as to what I could improve. Where would be the best place to start this type of...
  11. G

    Feedback on Grow Journals

    Hello friends. I just joined and—right off the bat—I have some feedback that has been making me furious in every forum and each thread within them. Grow Journals are a beautiful thing. I consume a bunch of them, I am most certain they are a substantial part of what people are looking for when...
  12. I

    Help - What do you guys think of my 1st grow - Trashcan & CFLs

    What's up guys jus wanted to post some pics of my first Grow , TrashCan Set Up with 8 CFLs , I wanted to practice my LST before I use my 1200watt Led(veg) and 1000watt HPS(flower) . Obviously due to space and inadequate lighting I didn't expect to much but I am pretty pumped about how it went...
  13. BigBrown97

    First LED Grow Tent

    Ill take all the feedback I can get. I need the knowledge.
  14. B

    Feedback on part time work venture

    Hey, I'm looking to set up a part time venture. I'm in Mass and been growing for personal use for awhile now. Looking for feedback from growers who have experience in this.
  15. F


    Hi guys. I've planted 2 adorable plants and now I need some feedback to harvest them in the right time :) Thanks
  16. D

    Build my first Grow Cabinet - Feedback appreciated

    Hey 420 Community! First time Grower with limited budget here. Started building this Cabinet around 2 weeks ago and am Planning to finish it within the coming week. To do: -Line walls with mylar -Get feedback -Apply feedback Pictures - (Sorry for Poor Quality will reshoot once I have time)...
  17. G

    Male or female - Any suggestions? It's been 6 weeks

    Any feedback helps.
  18. F

    Autoflower White Diesel Haze - Just started! - Need feedback!

    Just started my first grow, white diesel haze auto fem. 600w hps. Blue spectrum for veg and red hps for flowering. Special bat mix soil and planted straight in a 3 gallon pot, due to not wanting to cause stress. Growing very well, on the 9th day since sprouting, has 7 sets of leaves. Will be...
  19. R

    NZ: MMJ Advocate Pleased With 'Incredible Feedback' For Petition Inspired By Late Son

    Rose Renton, mother of Alex, 19 who passed away last year launched the Rose Renton Medicinal Cannabis Petition 2016 at the start of the month. Ms Renton aims to collect 500,000 signatures to present to parliament by the July 1, marking a year since her son passed away. Although she hasn't...
  20. K

    K-Wylds CFL Caramel Kush & Cheese

    Can't wait for feedback!
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