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feeding schedule

  1. Nutrient Schedule Sample.jpg

    Nutrient Schedule Sample.jpg

    Sample nutrient schedule
  2. M

    Runtz auto help

    I have a 5 week old plant that I over watered and transplanted (rookie mistake) It’s been 3 weeks since the mess up and I wanted to know how can I feed her.. I’m not sure what week or how old she is because of the stunned growth. I have fox farm happy frog soil and tap water that was been...
  3. imprtr

    Please help for feeding

    Hi to all 420 family :420: Finally, i switched to flower phase today. Unfortunately, i have problem about Nitrogen deficiency(early stage). so i can't be sure my feeding schedule. i just used booster(supervit,powerzyme and root complex) for vegatative state, not nutrients. i feed my girls with...
  4. L

    air inject of soil?

    alright I have two plants they are in air injected soil right now. I just took a trash can, 3 gallon, and drilled a three-quarter inch hole in the bottom put in an expandable plug. Dropped in a airline and two air stones rigged up inthe bottom. One is in about 4 weeks in vege and the other is...
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