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  1. R

    Help me understand GH Floranovas feeding chart using soil

    Hello everyone! My first post on this board! :cheer2: I tried to find a nutrient sub forum but I couldn't find anything, so apologies if this is in the wrong section. I'm hoping to get some clarification so I can wrap my old stoner brain around this feeding schedule when using soil. I've been...
  2. M

    Slight leave curling

    Hi first time poster here my week old white widow ladies i have noticed slight curling of the leaves i believe it's ph related. I am feeding 2 day rested tap water with a ph of 6.5 in biobiz light mix soil under leds.any ideas guys thanks
  3. gr0w

    Watering coco

    hey guys, I decided to switch to 5 Gallon Fabric pots for this grow and just looking for some info on the best way to water them. the plan is to water them with fresh PH water every other nutrient feeding to wash out and give fresh nutrients every feeding cycle. I am using 5 gallon fabric...
  4. George Mc

    I am in need of a Fox Farm feeding schedule

    I have done searches on this site and on the internet and came up with different charts. Can someone please point me in the direction or post a picture of the best feeding schedule for cannabis. Thank you in advance
  5. B

    Any AN Nirvana Users?

    I just started using Nirvana as a supplement on a soil grow, heading into first week of flip. Did a very weak dilution foliar spray, and during regular feeding I added .25ml/l to my nute solution. I've been using AN pH perfect mbg (mostly micro, b/c I am using a warm organic mix, and the...
  6. T

    Nute burn? Nute lockout?

    Hey guys! Check out the pic below and tell me what you think. I test my runoff after feeding and the PPMs don't show these plants to be feeding as much as I think they should. So I'm thinking of flushing. My buddy says though that he thinks it's just nut burn and I should scale back a bit...
  7. ckenney82

    PH In & Runoff PH Question

    The feeding today went very well. My combined runoff after feeding my two oldest 1.5 ltr and my two others 1 ltr I got a runoff of 1 ltr I was able to get a clear sample of runoff after I let it sit for 5 minutes or so. Runoff came back at 5.5 and Ph of my Feed was 6.2. Can anyone tell me...
  8. S

    First Indoor Grow

    My 4 Candy Cane AF sprouted 11/15/17 in 75% coco and 25% perlite under the MarsII 1200 LED grow light in 3 gal fabric pots. I water them once a day with rain water or spring water. I'm going to lower the ph to 6 and start feeding them with calmag. I would appreciate any tips or comments. I am...
  9. A

    Wtf! Help before it spreads or gets worse!

    Just saw this today. One leaf is completely dried and dead and the tips of another are starting. Her and five others got their first feeding of 1/4 strength nutes with 3 ml calimagic 8 days ago. Yesterday they got ph'd R/O water with 5 ml calimagic 6.21 ppm 400. Anything else is in the journal...
  10. D

    Urgent! What water pump size for Top Feed system?

    I have 40 gallon reservoirs underneath 3x6 trays with 250GPH active aqua water pumps using 1/2" tubing and 1/4" feeding tubes.. Each tray = 20-24 plants. Problem is, a few of the 1/4" feeding tubes aren't flowing any water so I'm wondering... should I just stick to working with valves for the...
  11. R

    Ace Seeds Panama - First Time Grow In Soil

    Hi all started growing her a few months ago under T5 propagation lights in peat pot to start. 420 Magazine ® then moved her to 250 watt cfl in soil and vermiculite mix feeding a 1/2 strength solution of home made tea with molasses blood and bone meal seaweed extract and a little bit of...
  12. G

    Can I feed right after I've done a flush?

    After doing a flush, so I can check my pH, should I consider that a watering or can I adjust my nute solution, if needed, and go right to a feeding?
  13. N

    Black spots after feeding - Should I flush rightaway?

    high guys,after feeding my plants yesterday i got the leaves curling down and these black spots appearing on the top leaves plants are 32days old, they've been showing pistils since 2-5 days, cfl lights, proffesional soil, water ph 6.3 (after adding everything (tap water ph is 7.1), runaway ph...
  14. J

    nute burn or K deficiency

    i wanted to know if it is nute burn or potassium deficiency ive been feeding my plant a 12 12 36 solution
  15. K

    Plant Leaf Nute Deficiency Problems?

    I could use some help identifying this issue... These pics are from two of my largest of 8 plants and are the only ones that exhibit this leaf problem and only on the lower leaves (not on new growth). The blotches look almost like a shiny metallic bronze color which was hard to capture in the...
  16. J

    Blood meal in water?

    Hi, I recently set up my first grow and purchased some Jobes organic blood meal for my ladies. The package says to use when you transplant so you put the granular fertilizer under the plant. I would prefer to dissolve the blood meal in water and feed them through watering. Can somebody let me...
  17. B

    Ppm help

    Hey there this may be a stupid question and there may be a simple answer somewhere but I haven't found it yet. My fox farms feeding schedule which I've been loosely following for the most part with some added cal/mag and seaweed extract has a ppm chart with it. I did a week 6 full strength...
  18. growguyphd

    Humboldt Nutrients feeding schedule help

    4x4x7 tent, 8 bulb 4' t5 light 7 gal pots with promix 75 degree temp. I am feeding two Fastberry autos. I am growing in a tent and growing autos for the first time. I am using Humboldts three part system. I am finding several different nutrients mixing charts. Somebody please help me with...
  19. K

    Watering Run-Off pH Increased - Cause Unknown

    I am growing in 1/3 Ocean Farm, 1/3 peralite, and 1/3 coco using 2-Part Emerald Harvest nutrients with reverse osmosis water (my tap water is extremely 'hard' with chlorine and chloromine's). I water & feed drain to waste. I did a feeding in week 3 of flowering (day 55 from seed) and had a drain...
  20. J

    JRTokey's First Grow - Soil - CFL - White Widow & Blue Kush - 2017

    Started growing 3 white widow autos and one blue cush auto on December 15 2016! Currently the blue cush has entered flowering stage (pistol pictures below) and the white widows are still in veg. The room is starting to get a nice sweet smell can't wait for that to strengthen :yummy:. The blue...
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