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  1. Tommygun93

    Biobizz light mix high run off E.C

    Hi guy just a quick one. First time using BioBizz light mix. And there worm Humus. Just planted clones. second feed and the run off E.C has come up quite high. input - 6.5PH 1.4E.C Output 7.5PH 4.9E.C only around a litre of water fed to plant since planting. I plan...
  2. Greenhouse


    Before feeding
  3. Cheese


    30g/5gal MC
  4. Gorilla glue

    Gorilla glue

  5. Extended Veg

    Extended Veg

    Mega Crop feeding extended veg 22.50g/5gal
  6. Natural Light

    Natural Light

    25g mega crop
  7. Cheese shiva skunk & afghani

    Cheese shiva skunk & afghani

    Light under growth 25g mega crop
  8. Feeding


  9. 3.76g Mega Crop

    3.76g Mega Crop

    Smaller plants
  10. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

    Mega Crop first feeding.
  11. Mega crop first feeding- two thumbs up

    Mega crop first feeding- two thumbs up

    Looking good
  12. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

    Short & stocky
  13. Cheese is drinking

    Cheese is drinking

    Wk 3
  14. C

    Question about feeding

    Hi Everyone, Im about feed my plant for the first time. But im confused with the instructions in the pacakging. I'm using Guerrilla Juice (NPK 5-1-5), and growing outdoors in soil/perlite. The instructions say to dilute 10 ml of the juice into 1 litre of water, and to water the plant with...
  15. G

    Nutrition schedule question

    Hi Guys, I have a question about this nutrition schedule attached below. From what I see, I understand that this is the feeding schedule for an auto-flower. Because the whole cycle is 12 weeks to harvest. According to this table how should I continue to feed normal plant after the second week...
  16. R

    Help me understand GH Floranovas feeding chart using soil

    Hello everyone! My first post on this board! :cheer2: I tried to find a nutrient sub forum but I couldn't find anything, so apologies if this is in the wrong section. I'm hoping to get some clarification so I can wrap my old stoner brain around this feeding schedule when using soil. I've been...
  17. M

    Slight leave curling

    Hi first time poster here my week old white widow ladies i have noticed slight curling of the leaves i believe it's ph related. I am feeding 2 day rested tap water with a ph of 6.5 in biobiz light mix soil under leds.any ideas guys thanks
  18. gr0w

    Watering coco

    hey guys, I decided to switch to 5 Gallon Fabric pots for this grow and just looking for some info on the best way to water them. the plan is to water them with fresh PH water every other nutrient feeding to wash out and give fresh nutrients every feeding cycle. I am using 5 gallon fabric...
  19. George Mc

    I am in need of a Fox Farm feeding schedule

    I have done searches on this site and on the internet and came up with different charts. Can someone please point me in the direction or post a picture of the best feeding schedule for cannabis. Thank you in advance
  20. B

    Any AN Nirvana Users?

    I just started using Nirvana as a supplement on a soil grow, heading into first week of flip. Did a very weak dilution foliar spray, and during regular feeding I added .25ml/l to my nute solution. I've been using AN pH perfect mbg (mostly micro, b/c I am using a warm organic mix, and the...
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