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  1. S

    Is My Plant OK?

    my seedling grew a little and its been 8 days and is doesnt seem right. I am a new grower and i just feel like something is wrong or am i just impatient
  2. S

    Hello all

    Can anyone tell me how I can determine if my General Hydroponics Rainforest 66 is working? It is full with 13 gallons of solution, I hear the motor and can feel a rotational movement (kinda like a washing machine) but I don't hear, feel, or see any mist. A friend said that maybe it only mists...
  3. B

    Best UK grow tents

    Well lads it's that time when I have to buy a decent grow tent here in the uk I have been going nearly a year now in a loft above my garages but it's fucking killing me! crawling round on my knees like a rat eatting cheese,major heat issues plants hemieing,nightmare! So lads I am getting so...
  4. Z

    New Guy

    New here, I'm a mechanical engineering student and I have embarked on my first growing experience. I'd like to both share what I am learning as well as receive some criticism from the pros here. My thread is below feel free to take a look and give your 0.02! My First Grow!
  5. Ron Strider

    Microdosing Marijuana: Doctors Say It's The Best Way To Consume Pot

    What is microdosing and why is it better? There are those cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy getting super stoned at the end of a long day at the office, while others are now embracing an emerging trend called microdosing, a procedure that allows the user to moderate their mind by taking small...
  6. JigSaw

    Guys please help

    Still my first closet grow in soil and I feel like Idk what I'm doing...These are a month old and still small and aren't vegging much......I know it's partly because I don't have enough lighting going to them. 6 150w bulbs...they were the most powerful bulbs Lowes had...should I just order the...
  7. cgkone


    I can not get the mobile act to work on my phone. It's says network error. This happened before and I think that I had to unistall the app the reinstall in a few days. The site works fine on my tablet, but I need to use my phone to update journal
  8. Spydr

    Crop King Seeds - A Picture

    I took this pic. Thought Id post it. Feel free to add your own.
  9. F

    Watering Watering Watering

    I've been reading a lot of problems with over watering, you are loving it to death. I use the lift method with my soil grows. When the pot gets light I give her a drink. From what I've read and experienced making the plant reach for water builds a good root system. If anybody has anything to...
  10. N

    I feel like a failure

    i feel like everything i do is wrong... too hot too little humidity wind burn gnats whats next i feel like i should just give up trying... ugh:17::17::surrender:
  11. I

    Misspelled My Username Due To Capcha

    The captcha image for this site was 666 when I was signing up. I almost took a print screen. I feel like it's too perfect for random. I feel like 420 magazine did that even though I know nothing about the captcha technology. haha What are the odds. Satan is trolling I guess.... lol and I...
  12. P

    Hello Fellow Stoners

    Hello everyone. I have been reading through forums on here for years and finally decided to sign up. Cannabis has been a huge part of my life for about 10 years. I am 25 now. I started smoking when I was 14 and fell in love. It makes me feel like I feel I should feel. If that makes sense ha...
  13. LEDBud

    Jock Horror Automatic

    Strain - Jock Horror Automatic From - unknown Seedbank When - 4/20 Type - Sativa, Indica Ruderellis Appearance - Bushy Smell - licorice , goodies (candy) Taste - Smooth as silk Type of Buzz - Super clear , thought provoking Length of Buzz - 4 hours easy Best Medicinal Use - Insomnia, appetite...
  14. S

    Never Neverland behind a false wall - 100 percent stealth

    Hey y'all New grower here unfortunately living in one of the states that one plant gets you a felony... So I have decided to take an over the top approach to concealing my grow room... Which included building a false wall with a magnetic lock withstanding 300 lbs of force.. I feel that this is...
  15. Stinky Snid

    Please confirm male preflower

    This will be a quick thread, thanks for helping out. An excellent pic of preflowers. Anyone...Feel free to use this pic to reach/teach others.. :420: