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  1. Y

    Cannabis Treats Strep Throat

    alright, just wanted to say that i just cured myself of strep throat using cannabis after not even two days. i woke up yesterday morning with the strep really starting to take hold so i began taking lots of cannabis coconut oil and now i'm feeling i've got this thing beat already. no sore...
  2. M

    First time dry herb experience - Holy cow!

    Okay, i was recently approved for medical marijuana. I got prepared for my package to arrive by purchasing an Arizer Air. Mine is through Bedrocan - 17 THC and 1 CBD If anyone has seen an arizer air you will know how tiny the tube is that you place the medical marijuana into. I'm not sure...
  3. S

    Is it the CBD or the THC?

    I am very new to this. I have heard people tell me that CBD gives you a relaxed body feeling, while others have told me it does absolutly nothing for you. It just has medical benifits. Here is what I have tried, and my experiance so far. Maybe somone can read this and figure out what it is...
  4. Stinky Snid

    Is this cannabis or not?

    Hey 420 and friends.. I've got a weird looking 3 week old plant. I know this is a cannabis plant since it is the offspring of a plant I grew last year. Only thing is I don't remember seeing foliage like this. It's almost rounded leaves and is furry feeling. Like a Swiss chard wrinkly...