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  1. budmaker2112

    Newbie Help with Ebb & Flow

    I am about to purchase a hydroponics system for a 4x4 tent with COB lighting. I decided that an ebb & flow would work best for me. My question is what are the decent makers out there for them. I felt after doing research that a Viagrow system would be good, but looking for some experienced...
  2. Obi Wan

    Pure Power Plant Strain Review

    Strain Name - Pure Power Plant From - Nirvana Price - $7.00USD per seed from store to door. Type - Hybrid @ 70/30 Sativa/Indica. Growth - Vigorous. Medium to tall height. Responds well to topping, super cropping and LST. Average nutrient requirements. Stretch - 200% - 250% Flower...
  3. 1ofaKind

    Felt Pots White Mold On Outside Organic

    Hello, I have a very happy, healthy garden! But today, I looked down and saw a lot of white on the outside of the 7 gal smart felt pots. I just started using OregonismXL tea from Roots. Mostly organic ferts, inoculated soil, budswell. But the HV fan is on at all times...
  4. M

    It feels so good - That it must be bad! - Right?

    Hi all, I imagine that this post has been frequent, so I will keep it short. (Hey, I did try!) For 10 days, I have felt awful. I have so many medical problems, that it is amazing that I'm still alive. I do have at least one disease, that: "Is normally progressive and often fatal."...
  5. F

    Acupuncture May Be What You're Missing Out On

    Years ago I travelled out of state to get acupuncture because of pain due to a medical issue. The acupuncture was done at a hospital by an MD with me lying on a table in a pretty small room. After sticking needles in me from head to toe, he dimmed the lights way down and left the room. Not...