fem-auto seeds

  1. snezola

    Snezola’s Aussie Autumn Outdoor Auto 2018 - Green Crack - Gorilla Glue - Chem Bubbly

    Snezola’s Aussie Autumn outdoor auto 2018 (3 different strains) Sour bubbly (or chem bubbly, the site is giving me mixed signals) by a NSW breeder Indica/sativa/ruderalis (doesn’t specify percentages) Start to finish: 9wks Reckons you can get up to 90g yield p/plant outdoor but we’ll see...
  2. A

    Train Wreck Auto-Feminized

    This will be my first journal here so bare with me: The other day I ordered 5 feminized auto-seeds (Train Wreck) from Crop King Seeds (Thank you) which I´m waiting for. The gear I´m going to use is: 120x120x180cm Secret Jarden tent, which of course is going to be indoors. 5 4x4cm...