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  1. SebastianDoingBotany

    SebastianDoingBotany: Amnesia Fast, SeedsMan, DWC, 2018

    Grow Set Up: Nutrients - Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom with Armor Kote Potassium Silicate, CALiMAGic, and HYDROGUARD FoxFarm Trio Nutrients Get the right juice for the right use Start with Grow Big Hydro for abundant green growth Switch to Tiger...
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    Blueberries 4
  3. MusicCityCannabis

    Music City Cannabis Soil White Widow Grow Journal - 2018

    Hey all! This will be my first ever grow so wish me luck! Starting from scratch so still have gear waiting to be delivered although I have most already in my possession but wanted to go ahead and creat my journal as I like to stay ahead of the game I'll be posting pictures soon! Seeds - 5...
  4. enzobuds

    Seeds - A funny thing happened on the way to harvest

    I have a feminize female plant that I'm about to harvest. As I start to harvest it I notice a seed hanging out. to my surprise their were a couple of seeds. my question to the members is. what is a seed from a feminized plant.
  5. toker69

    How to Make Feminized Seeds With Colloidal Silver - Sponsored by Intelligent-Gro LED

    Hi Everyone I'm toker69 Yay! :thumb: Welcome to my Colloidal Silver journal! I'm working on a six month project of making my own Feminized Autoflowering Seeds. First on my feminizing list is a midsize potent strain named "Himalayan Blue Diesel" Here's the HBD breakdown! Type : Auto...