female sexing preflower

  1. J

    First time grower

    First time growing I want to see what people think as to the sex of my plant
  2. C

    At long last - my first female preflower pic :)

    there are 2 white hairs but they are close together like crossed fingers. ...is this my first female preflower pic??
  3. C

    Female preflower?

    looks like a tiny white hair ...what got me interested is it dosent look like a little peanut or ball like a male i had and killed.... how long before the hairs really start popping out?
  4. L

    Male or female?

    hey i need to identify this plant firstly these calyxs came up first of all the plants the rest have now shown there female im just worried it maybe a male cause still not showing pistils this is the plant its off
  5. A

    Female or not female?

    Hi! I have 2 beautiful plants, both of them are 1 month old, one of them is showing his 5th node, on the 4th node there is something that I hope is a preflower, unfortunately I don't have a decent camera to take a nice close up, all I got is a cheap webcam, lol... I took this picture a couple of...