feminising seed

  1. W

    Low femized seed production.

    I am successfully using Colloidal Silver to turn my female to male. They look great, buds that are all male. The male flowers seem to have no pollen. I run fans and manually cross pollenate A LOT. I am only getting about 30 seeds (all good and fertile) per 3 X 3 foot plant. I have tried three...
  2. atthehelm

    Has anyone ever?

    Hey fellow growers, curious if anyone has ever applied colloidal silver to a flowering male plant- was wondering if it would fem out a male? Or double nanners? Shi IDK- just wanted to see if any heads ever got all science on it and experimented
  3. A

    Feminising with colloidal silver

    I am in my last stage of spraying my home made 50ppm CS. I have been spraying CS every morning on one branch till soked of a flowering Hindu Cush. She is only small made up of the crown with 3 branch so I've selected one brach as this is my first attempt. The visual effects of the CS are...