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feminized seed

  1. aliennnz

    Uneven stem & growth

    Hey guys, whats up? :) Hope everything is good with you all! I have a specific question, since it never happened to me and i did not find that much of indormation online to fufill my questions.. why does this steam grew alone ? one side has 2 steams and the other only 1, did i just lose 1 bud...
  2. Weed Seeds Express

    Weedseedsexpress: Spring Deals, 30% Discount

    Hi friends and future friends! Hopefully you are all safe and doing well in these crazy times! I'm David, co-owner at Weedseedsexpress. We are new to 420magazine (thank you @Teddy Edwards for this great opportunity!) and want to introduce our company to you guys. Besides, we kindly want to...
  3. get ur mind outta the gutter

    get ur mind outta the gutter

    well, i dunno how much they gave, for that Mickey mouse cow, but this one's obviously ready for the happiest place on earth! could even double, for mickey's nose, at the mid section of ol walt's statue! if u aligned it, "appropriately".
  4. Grandma Weedstein

    Hermie feminized seed?

    So I absentmindedly walked down to my outdoor grow site in the dark carrying a flashlight to pick up some tools I'd left there. Realized too late I could have disrupted the light cycle, which could apparently cause the plants to develop hermies. My question is: All these plants are clearly...
  5. C

    Tutankhamon By Pyramid Seeds

    I am enjoying growing this strain. Planted on May 8,2018 the seeds took off right away and become very tiny little fluorescent green plants. I named them Tut, Ankh and Amon. When they were only 2 inches tall I put a oscillating fan on them to toughen them up. On June 9,2018 I put them outside...
  6. art fog

    Microwaved seeds = feminized

    My friend in the city microwaves his seeds and gets feminized plants as a result. That is what he tells me anyway. His plants look scraggly which may be the result of this process but I do not know where he gets his seeds or how well his plants are kept. For sure - The next time I get to town...
  7. R

    Feminized vs. Non-Feminized seed?

    I'm a complete newbie. Brain tumor patient. Interested in medical/health use maybe for a tincture. What does feminized seed mean? Do ALL plants give buds to use for creating tincture or oil? Or is there a difference in amount or quality of buds? Any Guidance Appreciated
  8. Smoke2Js

    Auto Assassin Feminized - The Church Feminized - Lucy Feminized

    My seeds from Single Seed Center. This will be my journal for those that sprout and survive. One Auto Assassin feminized, one The Church feminized, and one of Lucy feminized. I have planted them in separate pots 3 cm below soil (from my back yard that a previous tenent spent 16 plus years...
  9. E

    Male pollen in growroom,feminized seeds,

    How long does male pollen stick around in the growroom, ( i cant use question marks or quotations and such for some reason) anyways, my last grow i ended up with hermies,, I think one hermie pollinated a female.I finished the girl that hermied last and got some seeds,, (am i correct in...
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