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  1. WizHigh

    5 Unknown Strains - 2012 Grow

    Grow room - 55 gallon fishtank Bucket Size - 16fl oz foam cups Medium - 50% Scotts soil 50% Coco Coir. Lights - T5 4ft 4bulb 54w HO 6500K Nutrients - FloraNova Grow/Bloom, Kool Bloom, Super Thrive Strain(s) - UNKNOWN # of Plants: 5 Yield : N/A This is my first Journal but second grow...
  2. N

    About how often should i add fertalizer to the soil of my Kush plant?

    My Female plant which ive had for about 3 months now is about 4 weeks into flowering and so far every 2 weeks ive watered it with 2mL fertalizer 'big budd' which supplies it with Phosphate (P2O5) and Soluble Potash (K20), Do you think i can start watering it with 2mL every week now?
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