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  1. T

    Tropical Australia - Strains & Seedbanks

    Hi all, glad to be here and thanks for having me! I love the cannabis plant for a multitude of reasons.. I've smoked for almost 25 years, though only recently did i decide that basically I'm tired of dealers, tired of spending all of my hard earned on weed, tired of buying the same "hydro" that...
  2. D

    Siamese conjoined seed

    Does anyone have any experience with a Siamese conjoined seed ? I have started to germ and it looks like I will get a tap from both sides . I have a few clones and a few seeds started as well but this will be my first grow . I was just looking for some advice for this dually
  3. magsteria

    Properly Germinating Seeds?

    Ok. I'm pretty sure I've tried and waited long enough for germinating my bag seeds. I only have a few left and am planning on putting them on a styro cup filled with coco + perlite and moisten them a bit. I'll be planting the seed a few cm deep and am planning on placing them under 2 CFL...
  4. S

    What's Wrong With This Plant?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for some ideas from the great experience we have here, as to what I'm doing wrong to my poor plant. My first grow and it's an Auto AK-47, stunted by early over watering but recovered pretty well over the last few weeks. At least until the last few days. The larger...
  5. M

    First time growing in 40 years

    Hey everybody, Grew a few plants in my apartment a long time ago. Got (justifiably) paranoid and ended the grow after a few weeks. Recently I moved to Oregon where it's legal! :-) So my gf (non-user) said I could grow a few plants and I opted to do a very small indoor grow and bought a little...
  6. S

    The Cali Connection - Feminized seeds - Plant male

    Hello everyone, I've been growing marijuana for a few years now and I've never experienced something like this. Last summer, I got 10 Alien OG seeds from The Cali Connection. I waited until the fall to start one indoor. The seeds look extremely good and healthy, so I was very excited about...
  7. SofaKing Dope

    SofaKing Dope Scrogs Cinderella While Taming A Web Of White Widow In Coco

    Hello all this is my 3rd time adding this info i keep loosing all my work due to supidity so here the abbrieviated version Strains cinderella 99 and white widow from GCS Media- coco pearlite mix 70/30 amended with aprox 15% WC Nutes- heavy 16 full line. Roots prime fire veg a&b bud a&b...
  8. B

    Coconut oil storage

    Hi, I cooked up a plant and put it in some melted coconut oil. After 2 weeks it started smelling awful. Should I have kept it in the fridge or is this just how long it keeps for? I used to brew a lot of beer so took a few steps to make sure nothing nasty got in. But normal coconut oil...
  9. B

    Light Burn ~5 weeks into flower

    I have 5 girls going: 1 o'haze red, 2 critical kush, and 2 blueberry. They are currently at 32 days into flower. The calyxes are just starting to fatten up & really look like bud. Last week, I noticed the OR & one of the blueberries started showing some light burn on the top few fan...
  10. GrnRm

    Just getting started

    Hey, y'all, I'm new to the site, and have been growing for about a year now. I'm ust starting to get things the way I pictured it at the start. After a few moves and random issues, the newest setup is getting its last couple of things before it's up and running. I have a 6 site (5 gal bucket)...
  11. D

    New member - Just checking in

    Hey folks. Just had my first grow. A few White Widows in pots outdoors. They finished in 3 gallon size. Made a bunch of mistakes. Started too late for my climate, not enough sun but still got a few ounces dry. And really good. Been evaluating smoke for over 40 years. Looking forward to...
  12. H

    The Stinkbud Way

    Harvest a pound every three weeks! The Stinkbud way I've decided that, when I get moved to my new place, this is the way I'm going to go. I don't want to resurrect a zombie thread but I do have a few questions. It appears that stinkbud has moved on for at least a while so I can't ask him...
  13. JayGeneration


    Some Grapegod from a few months ago...
  14. L

    Hey everyone - Just joined a few days ago - Sorry for delayed intro

    Hello all, I just joined the forums a few days ago but I have been visiting and reading threads here for a few years picking up tips and tricks. Well, currently I am on my 4th grow. Closet/tent hydro running the cotton candy Kush. check out my new grow journal, link in my signature...
  15. S

    Are they ready to harvest? First time grower

    Are plants are Sunset sherbert we are almost to the 8th week of flowering. flower period 7 to 9 weeks. Most all of the pistils are orange, the trichomes are milky with a few Amber. Damn I don't see how to add our pictures to the thread?
  16. Southerncough

    Seedling stunted?

    Hi guys, 2 weeks ago I started this little auto (fem) OG Kush bean that came as a gift with purchase in a wet paper towel, it took a few extra days than normal to show me her taproot. Once the root was about a half inch I gently moved her to a solo cup of 50/50 perlite/coco under fluorescent...
  17. T

    WWA ready for harvest?

    hey guys, relative newbie in our hobby here. This is the first time im growing autos. Check out the pics and let me know what you think if this baby is ready to harvest yet or not. Its kind of hard to tell the colour of trichomes. Some buds seems to show some amber, some buds are growing...
  18. 28 Grams

    Do my plants look okay? A few days after first flush

    Last week I posted photos and concluded that the plants had an excess of Nitrogen. So a few days ago I flushed them with plain water. 6 indica plants in 1 gallon fabric pots. Do they look alright? They seem weak to me... Thanks!
  19. T

    Sexbud harvest

    Hey guys, I just finished my 3rd grow, it's a sexbud. The picture shows the second, bigger plant, the other one is already dried and I smoked a few buds, they are really strong. 50g total.
  20. A

    New to the scene of grow

    Love the site, lots of reading and learning. Cant wait to get started. Any tips for beginners