1. B

    Ffof Barneys Purple Punch Autoflower Grow Journal

    Day one seeds been planted in 5 gal fabric pots just ffof so far no nutes just watered . I have megacrop on stand by when she gets a little older. As well as cal- mag.I'm currently running the grow in the shed but it gets a little chilly at night so have a heater and fan . Temps stay from 70 to...
  2. Fox Farm Soil feed schedule

    Fox Farm Soil feed schedule

    Ignore the "feed up to twice a week" instruction. Cannabis needs a proper wet/dry cycle so it's important that you water/feed when your pot is light to lift and dry to touch. Trust me.
  3. WalterGamer8

    Cannot even get seeds to sprout and it's hacking me off

    So i ordered 8 seeds from seedsman and I originally germinated 4 of them all with the paper towel method and saw a white taproot and planted them into FFOF soil. I think the problem why these first 4 didnt sprout was because I was watering them too much and had them under a 600w hps light and...
  4. WalterGamer8

    Seeds aren't sprouting and I'm really worried

    I have 3 seeds in my closet that I just planted directly into fox farm ocean forest soil. I have another seed that I germinated with the paper towel method and I saw a taproot and planted it into soil. When I planted the seeds I only watered them a little bit with phed water. My humidity is 40%...
  5. MrSauga

    The Sauga Ends Here

    Hey everybody! So this will be my final journal here at 420 magazine. I joined back in 2018 and realized the only way to become a better grower was to learn from the pros and that meant starting a journal so others could provide help and support. I know a lot of you will find this as a surprise...
  6. X

    Mysteries In A Secret Garden

    This is my 1st grow! I am using bag seeds to practice and get familiar with things. I would love more information about the best seedbank to buy from and also what's a good starter strain for my setup. Something that doesn't get too tall. So far so good making it through germination using the...
  7. HugePeckerhead

    Completed White Widows Grow Under Mars-Hydro TS1000 Using FFOF

    What strain is it? White Widow By Nirvana Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? July 11th was Germ Date Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? Fox Farm Ocean Forest If soil... What size pot? One gallon Size of light? Mars Hydro TS...
  8. The Mechanic

    Mechanic's Log: WW, AK-47, FFof Soil, Screw-In LEDs

    Hello 420 community, I am The Mechanic and I will be starting my first grow journal. I have been lurking around this site for years and finally decided to sign up and become a member of this awesome group of like minded individuals. Im sure things will go slowly at first for me but as I settle...
  9. Sarra

    Leaves keep turning yellow: truly need your expertise

    Hii all,, Thanks to all in advance for your help.. I've 4 babies, 2 critical 2 white widow, born btw April 4-8. FFOF soil mixed with %30 perlite, %10 worm castings, been transplanted once to 3gal pots on May 29th, 4 nutrients spikes in each containing 2 parts blood meal 1 part bone meal 1 part...
  10. C

    Question about ppm

    Hello growers I have a question regarding auto flowers and what should the runoff ppm be? My runoff was 3000 ppm the meter read 250-300x10 on 2 different meters. I was using hard well water with a ppm of 300 but recently got a 5 stage water filter that brings the ppm to 0ppm but raises the ph...
  11. Captain Cannabis

    Completed The Captain's 1st 420 Grow: Blue Dream & Girlscout Cookies In Soil

    Welcome to Captain Cannabis' First 420 Grow! I'll be raising 3 Blue Dream, and 2 Girlscout Cookies from Nirvana Seedbank. Environments Germination- Paper towel method Seedlings- Propagation tray w/ dome 2.75in pots w/ Fox Farms Happy Frog soil. No nutes Veg- 2x4 Vivosun tent 4 inch...
  12. MrSauga

    Completed Sauga's Miracle On Fox Farm Street

    So, how's it goin' eh? Welcome to my third journal since joining this fabulous forum... Sauga's Miracle on Fox Farm Street :party: I've gained so much knowledge from the previous two, met so many new people, and helped as many as I could from what others passed on to me. It's been a lot of...
  13. Cannygrow

    Is this nute burn? FFOF soil

    Hey guys true newbie first grow ever using 3gl smart pots in ffof strain is critical purple from growers choice seed, light is a 300w viparspectra in a 24x48 Vivosun growtent. I am looking for some help my seedling are at day 4 and I am not sure if they are exhibiting nite burn I keep hearing...
  14. Jdeck

    Completed First Grow In The Mitten

    Long time smoker, first time grower. Now that we’re legal, we’ll im trying my hand at the ol’ homegrown. I’m also on s mission to find the perfect strain for my son. We tried every thing the doctor order for his anxiety. All meds made him suicidal. He started smoking, and we have our son back...
  15. MrSauga

    Completed Sauga's Ride On The Pineapple Express

    Hi everyone, and welcome to my second Journal here at :420: This time around we are going with FastBuds Auto Pineapple Express. I have four beans on the go. Two will be planted in Promix HP and using the AN nute line. The other two will be in an organic potting mix, with MegaCrop and Kelp...
  16. S

    Help - Unknown black spots on leaves

    I have been searching on line and am thinking it might me due to potassium or possible magnesium. About a week ago I noticed black spots on about 3 of the bottom fan leaves, the next day the spots were on about 5-6 fan leaves and I cut them off. Now today when I wake up and check on her there...
  17. D

    I got a great deal on 12qt FFOF! Read on

    Okay, So, I'm over at Amazon to pick up a T5 light set, and as usual, I check out to see what sales are happening in the soil department. This 12qt bag of FFOF keeps popping up on my sideview, and I'm dismissing it, because I'm never interested in anything smaller than the 1.5 cubic bag of...
  18. K

    Abandoned OG Flame CFL Grow Box

    More pics soon ...Plants are now 9 days young in FFOF Soul
  19. nobodyhere

    Help - 1st grow - Slight burn on lower leaf

    Lower leaf has a little burn on one plant, I see this is common in a lot of grows. FFOF <40%, Light Warrior 40%, Perlite and clay stone ~20%, BOG Bogglegum @ 17 days, one 300w LED about 30" and a 60w 6500k cfl, temps 70-80, humidity 45-55. Only giving CaMg at 200ppm right now. Thoughts?
  20. Killian

    Completed Killian's First Grow FFOF & 30% Perilte - FoxFarms Nutrients - 600W MH/HPS - 6" Fan

    Hi all, This is my first grow and I can use all the advice I can get. I am using FFOF with 30% perlite, Fox Farms trio and soluble nutrients at 50% every other watering using the fox farms soil growing guide, 600 watt MH/HPS with air cooled hood, 6 " fan and carbon scrubber, 4 x 4 x 6 grow tent...
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