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    Mazar x Great White Shark vegetative period - Second attempt

    Hello friends, I am with a beautiful plant of Mazar x Great White Shark, with 9 weeks taking the time of germination. I'm using a 600w led panel, and the humidity is at 60%. The curious thing is that I thought the plant did not grow very high because of the size of the pot, I'm having to...
  2. Ron Strider

    CO: San Luis Valley Hemp Fabric Woven For National Project

    As a collaboration between Fibershed, Rezolana Institute and Adams State University’s Community Partnerships, hemp has been grown, decorticated, blended with wool, spun and woven into fabric that provides a San Luis Valley fabric sample in Fibershed’s national research project. By blending...
  3. Ron Strider

    MN: WROC's Features from The Farm: Research On Industrial Hemp

    Ever since the 2014 Farm Bill authorized industrial hemp research, there has been more interest in growing hemp as an agricultural product for either seed production or fibers such as textiles, paper, and cordage. In Canada, industrial hemp was legalized in 1998, and 80,000 acres are currently...
  4. S

    Sagalong With Amare SE250 LED & Gorrila Tent - Soil in Fiber Pots

    3x3 gorrila grow tent Amare SE250 led 5 gallon fiber pots Nectar of the Gods special juice: Medusa Magic, Gaia Mania, Zeus Juice, Herculean Harvest. Victor at Amare also recommended more mag/cal under there lights. I will add Demeter's Destiny. Rescued clones: 1 Afgoo, 2 Lemon Kush and 1...
  5. K

    Colorado Farmer Shatters Hemp's Fiber Ceiling

    Ryan Loflin bet the farm in 2013 and did what no U.S. producer had done for 70 years. The Springfield, Colo., grower ordered hemp seed by mail from Europe and stockpiled his supply bit by precious bit. When the cache climbed to 1,500 lbs., Loflin, 43, stepped into agriculture's terra...
  6. R

    ND: Industrial Hemp Trials In 2016 Focus On Canadian Varieties

    Growing industrial hemp in North Dakota is not just a maybe - the NDSU Langdon Research Extension Center proved it could be done last summer. The center planted Canadian varieties CFX-1, CFX-2, CRS-1, Canda, and Alyssa, along with one variety from Finland and Australia, and five varieties...
  7. R

    Hemp, Cannabis And Marijuana: What's The Difference?

    Cannabis, hemp or marijuana is our oldest crop, sown for over 12,000 years (1), and may have been domesticated over 30,000 years ago. It produces more fuel, fiber, food and medicine than any other plant (2). The seeds of cannabis produce the most productive and nutritious vegetable oil and...
  8. T

    Fiber Optic Sunlight

    It has been a while since I set up a grow room in a closet. I'm just starting to get back into it - after 10 years - and I'm researching the best lighting to use. For me, it is important that I keep my energy use VERY low and I found a lighting product that I had never seen before. I found...
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