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  1. Ron Strider

    Meet The 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Just Launched A Careers Site For Pot Jobs

    Go ahead and make your stoner jokes. It won’t bother the $7 billion cannabis industry one bit. Legal weed now employs an estimated 120,000 people; a figure that’s expected to triple in the next few years, according to the research firm New Frontier Data. For the weed dispensaries, farms, and...
  2. Pinktiger777

    How do you fill and change your ebb and flow reservoirs?

    My grow space is far from outside. And midway thru my first grow, I need to change water. I know, I should have thought about this ahead of time. LOL. I ordered an aquarium clean and fill system by Python, but I wondered, before I do that: Is there a simple way to get the old water out, clean...
  3. HighBri

    New guy - Here's my current grow

    Hi, I'm new at indoor growing. This my second attempt, the first two were males, so started over with clones from a dispensary, a Platinum OG, a Cookies & Cream, and an alleged Gorilla Glue, but who knows, right? So they are in week 7 of flower after 4 weeks of veg. They are looking ok, but I...
  4. T

    Soil for outdoor grow

    Hi all I'm a licensed medical user and newbe grower. I'm going to be planting clones in about a month in a fairly large.planter box 16"x 5'x 15"deep over a 4" big o self watering system. I have 2 of these planter boxes and need to fill them so I don't want to break the bank on soil can anyone...
  5. D

    1st scrog

    1st scrog. Scrog is set at 9" above plant base. I cropped the tops between 5 and 6 nodes. Then I did a mix of cropped and FIM on the second set up from the center. Did some lolly popping at week 5 of veg.. Going into week 6 of veg. Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome.
  6. Zafu

    When curing - How full or empty are your jars?

    I've read through many of these threads and can't find this exact question, so pardon me if I've missed it. My first grow (outdoors) is doing well here in N. Cal. Growing three varieties (Acapulco Gold, Laughing Buddha and Vanilla Kush). All have started flowering (very early stage). In...