1. Ron Strider

    TN: Fundraising Campaign Underway For Medical Marijuana Film

    A Middle Tennessee local filmmaker launched a campaign in hopes of funding a documentary about a man who "reinvented" himself as a blueberry farmer after facing a felony conviction for growing cannabis and providing it to others for medicinal use. The "all or nothing" project, according to...
  2. Man'O'Green

    Mañ'O'Green builds a new grow room

    Ok so I built a new grow space. The area is dictated by the space in the spare room that is not used for exercise equipment, bookcases, and shelving for pantry items. My wife and I have lots of stuff and we use it regularly so it has to stay. I spent a lot of time in Visio trying different...
  3. cnile

    Prepping room for humidity with panda film - Experiences?

    Im going to be wrapping my area in the room for veg with panda film soon, i was wondering if you guys have had any issues with the stuff or mold or mildew or what?? i got a feeling moisture will trap behind it and cause problems. below is a description if you want of how ill use the stuff...
  4. Katelyn Baker

    Reefer Madness - Laughing At The Old Marijuana Propaganda Films

    Throughout the 30s and 40s marijuana was presented as the scourge of the western world, despite the fact that most people had no idea what the plant actually was, or what it was used for. The reasons for initially banning it are complicated, and have little to do with the effects of the drug...
  5. J

    Orca grow film question

    Does anyone have any experience with Orca grow film ? I have a 8' x 10' room and was planning on doing the walls with this ,but would also like to divide the room with a curtain. This Orca film is 11mils thick so I was wondering if you could make a curtain out of this as well ? Was thinking of...
  6. Katelyn Baker

    CA: Sonoma Pot Film Getting Good Buzz

    "Green Is Gold," a critically acclaimed new independent film from Sonoma filmmaker Ryon Baxter, is set amid the ever-shifting cannabis industry of Northern California. But according to its writer, director, editor and star, the gentle drama is hardly what most people might expect from a movie...
  7. Y

    Mylar film - Is it the best reflective material?

    Sorry I posted this on the grow room and no one has replied. I built a new grow box out this foam insulation. The foam has a dull sliver and it reflects light pretty well. But I'm wondering if I need to use mylar film on walls instead.
  8. Katelyn Baker

    The Substance Behind The Smoke

    This-weekend-release M Cream steps into the realm of postmodern filmmaking and surrealism while trying to reflect the youth culture, which director Agneya Singh terms as the 'new renaissance'. He stands confident to take his art through the final test after it gained international repute in...
  9. Katelyn Baker

    Marijuana Should Be Decriminalised, Says 'M Cream' Director

    Mumbai: His upcoming movie "M Cream" is touted as India's first 'stoner film' and director Agneya Singh says it is about time the Government decriminalises marijuana. Singh, making his feature film debut with the movie, says even the US - which once opposed legalising cannabis - is today...
  10. Katelyn Baker

    Harvesting Liberty: Short Film Explores Reintroduction Of Industrial Hemp To US

    Industrial hemp farming could play a big role in providing economic stability in impoverished areas, creating jobs and businesses for veterans, and growing a sustainable and regenerative agriculture movement. Too bad it's still illegal. A collaboration between responsible apparel company...
  11. C

    Surfer Dan Malloy Talks Filmmaking, Farming & Industrial Hemp

    Dan Malloy is best known, along with his two brothers Chris and Keith, as a pro surfer. But through his association with the outdoor clothing and gear company Patagonia, where he's a brand ambassador, he's added author and filmmaker to his resume. With his latest project for the company, a...
  12. R

    Former Model Turned Film Maker Advocates For Medical Marijuana

    When it comes to marijuana it's easy to stereotype a stoner. "There's been a stigma associated to marijuana since the 30`s, and I document some of this in our first film," said Diana Oliver, Producer/Director of Thunderbird Productions. The former model-turned-filmmaker has spent more...
  13. R

    How US Government Film 'Hemp for Victory' Fared In Swaying Public Opinion

    Long before legalizing weed was en vogue, the U.S. Department of Agriculture produced a 1942 informational film called "Hemp for Victory." The movie, which was required viewing for all farmers of the era, detailed the history of the hemp plant, the uses of industrial hemp, and tips and...
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