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  1. Blkhippiee

    New Grow 4th Week Veg

    Just thought I’d share the progress of my current plant. - Indica, unknown exact strain - 2 CFL lights (100 watts each) - Fox Farms Ocean Forest - Vegging (week 4) So far I’ve topped her once, and started Super cropping. Right now she’s wrapping up week 4 and is entering week 5. I experienced...
  2. Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    Build it and they will come. The field of dreams ;)
  3. Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    Critical Kush a la’ Joe the Chro

    6 plants under a Gavita Pro 600se HPS, first introduction to LST. & FiM is now called GTF (Got The F*****) in the Chro household. Clinical and precise ;)
  4. groguy123

    Help! Is this too late to FIM/top? Never done it before

    Hey guys whats up. SWIM is on their third grow. First time around was just an experiment and never got to see them go to flower except for a gift given by a friendly neighbour. Last year there were no posts or updates from SWIM because they didn't think they needed any help and everything turned...
  5. B

    Sour D & White Cookies

    New grower here and what better place to start than 420 mag. Let me tell you a little about my setup. Grow Tent - 4'x4'x8' Lights- P600 Watt Led 6" Mountain Air carbon filter 6" inline fan Soil - fox farms mixed with 50% perlite Seeds are from crop kings feminized sour diesel & white...
  6. C

    Is It Too Early For Me To FIM?! - Topping - Please take a look

    I want to keep my plant small and I need to know if it's to soon to fim, or when I can fim it. I was also wondering if I should fill the rest of my pot up with soil and if so should I fill it past (covering) the bottom two dying leafs that are next to the seed membrane or should I let those poke...
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