1. Krinkles


    FIM'd Krinkles
  2. #3


    FIM'd #3
  3. #1 FIM results

    #1 FIM results

    Top view 3days after clip
  4. #1 FIM results

    #1 FIM results

    Angle shot 3days after clip
  5. #1 FIM results

    #1 FIM results

    3days after clip
  6. IMG_20200614_102919.jpg


    Will have to get back you on this one but I think I successfully fimmed her thoughts ?
  7. 8905229D-A262-40F3-B6F5-EA376AD0AA12.jpeg


    Northern Lights, DopeSeeds, LST, topped, FIM’d
  8. 36954512_2140429646285500_4056035653983404032_n.jpg


  9. 28 Grams

    Strict time schedule -11 weeks - 1 for veg - 10 for flower - Can I squeeze in a FIM?

    I'll be getting some Girl Scout Cookie clones tomorrow and I have only 11 weeks from getting them to complete my grow. I know you shouldn't FIM during flower, and you also shouldn't FIM before the roots take hold. I figure it takes one week for clones to get a decent root system going, and...
  10. E

    Did I just fim or top my plant?

    Strain: Blue Dream Hybrid 6 Plants Veg Stage 3 weeks after clone transplant. Indoor Soil. Royal Gold. 25 gallon. T5 CFL (6 54-watt bulbs). Fans running. 80 degrees. No pests. Watering every 2 days. Mr. B'S Greens Trees for growth weekly. My intention was to FIM my plant but I'm wondering, did...
  11. D

    Top one side - FIM the other? What shall I do?

    My plant that topped its has been main lined with one side triploid and the other side diploid..i been thinking about topping the triploid side and fim the diploid side that way i get 3 tops on each side
  12. flytier

    FIMed and Branching

    Here's my White Widow seedling a few days after getting a haircut. I did a FIM on her earlier the week and she caught her breath and started to get some superb branching. I may even transplant her later today and hopefully by next week or the week after I'll be able to start some LST. This one...
  13. D

    Topping done wrong? Pics

    Hello all! Another year for growth adventures! Hope all of your nature friends are growing great! Going to my 3rd year growing outdoors balcony. This thread is about a feminized Sativa Gold Flame (mix between Kali afghani and Jack Herer). Shes going to her 3rd month in 2 weeks. Planted around...
  14. B

    Jack Herrer Critical X Need Some Help

    Hi. 33rd day. Suggestions are much appreciated. I did not Top or Fim. What should i do prune or top or fim or too late ? This is my second grow. Does she seems healthy to you ? Yield will be too low imo what do you think ?
  15. G

    Should you FIM a chronic plant?

    My first time growing chronic and was thinking about fim my plants but I heard it could decrease your yeild
  16. C

    FIM! Did I really miss?

    Hello 420 family!!! Ok here is a pic of my two oldest girls, both 13 days old. I decided to top them both, in anticipation that these maybe sativa dominant plants. They seem to be growing very well and not stretchy much either. So at day 10 I decided FIM them both to get an early handle on...
  17. C

    FIMing and transplantation

    Hello. Its my first grow and I have a small dilema so I was hoping that someone with more experience could help with advice. So, I think that for my plant it was time for both FIMing and transplantation. I didnt wanted to do both at the same time because I thought that it would be harder for...
  18. stevebass

    Completed Stevebass's Second Indoor - Bag Seed - Grow

    Welcome All! :welcome: This is my second journal which I begin with great anticipation. I feel I learned sooo much from my first grow, and my growing conditions are now more controllable, things should be ideal this time around. I'm still at the seedling stage. I germed some bag seed a...
  19. steff

    Abandoned Steff's Second Time Around - CFL - Blue Dream

    Hi everyone! I am excited to start these two, today they finally broke through the soil over the night so I decided to start my second journal because it helps me stay on top of things. Two pics are included, still under Saran Wrap, and I plan on putting them under the CFL's tomorrow or Tuesday...
  20. Qapla

    First grow - Kali Mist - Need help deciding training method

    So I started my first grow 31 days ago. Read tons of articles, grow journals, and just about everything I could find. I've gotten along pretty good so far, but now I need to figure out exactly what I want to do about training. Strain: Kali Mist by Serious Seeds Age: 31 days from seed...
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