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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: Future Of Cannabis Operations In Santa Barbara County Detailed In New Report

    The possible future of cannabis operations in Santa Barbara County is detailed in a 308-page Environment Impact Report (EIR) released by county officials. In Nov. 2016, the majority of California voters agreed to allow recreational cannabis across the state. State officials created...
  2. SpectateSwamp

    Pot is an invasive species - Let the final invasion begin

    When the Pot nation plants millions of feminized seeds in the outdoors, what are they going to do? Nothing. Our beloved plant will be more common place than dandelions. Then the final victory will be ours. What fun we will have.. What misery those anti-pot people will suffer..
  3. K

    Transplanting Auto Flowering Seedlings From Solo Cups

    Rookie mistake! I started auto flower Feminized Northern Lights CKS seedlings in solo cups. Then I recently discovered that they should have been started in their final 3 gallon pots so as to avoid transplant stress. Is this info True or False? Right now they are in ProMix organic soil, no...
  4. K

    OH: Findlay Council OKs Medical Marijuana Moratorium

    Findlay City Council made sure to give its two-year moratorium on medical marijuana a final vote Tuesday, but tabled legislation that would continue funding for the Arts Partnership of Greater Hancock County through the city's hotel/motel bed tax. Council voted 9-1 to enact a ban on...
  5. R

    Guam: Final Version Of Medical Marijuana Draft Rules Still Has Issues

    After almost two years at public health, the final draft of rules and regulations for medical marijuana is on its way to the legislature but even though the draft is in final form, some of the key arguments made during the first draft still remain. The rules and regulations for medical...
  6. F

    Question about growing Autos

    I got a variety of Autos which I want to grow just out of boredom. (We had some discussion already about re/up-potting or not with Autos, but I decided I wanted to put them in my 5L pots right after germinating without repotting this time. So I put them in their final pots. My question...
  7. Nicholas Flamel

    Trichomes and when to start final flush

    Good Thursday morning fellow gardeners. I have a couple plants that are gettin into late flower but im not sure when to start the final flush. This is Acapulco Gold at 47 days flower. Its supposed to be a 70-75 day strain so i figure around 3 weeks left. I am planing to start the final flush...