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  1. T

    Help! Hermie?

    Forgive me, we are newbies and are finding most of our information from google but I'm stumped ! We've noticed pods on our plants, they are cuttings from our previous crop that was fine. I'm unsure if they're hermies and if we should just pull? Thank you !!
  2. Ron Strider

    Another Georgia City Could Cut Marijuana Possession Fines

    Another large Georgia city could cut penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana. Savannah Alderman Van Johnson announced Monday that he wants to reduce the maximum city fine for possessing an ounce or less of marijuana from $1,000 to $150. He also wants to eliminate jail time, with...
  3. Ron Strider

    IL: Geneva Favors Raising Fine For Marijuana Possession

    Getting caught with a little marijuana in Geneva will soon cost you a lot more money. Aldermen favor raising the fine for violations to $300, up from $120. But they also don't want to be excessively punitive, and so rejected a request by two aldermen to levy the maximum fine of $500. They...
  4. Ron Strider

    France Announces Plans To Decriminalize Marijuana

    The marijuana revolution continues to spread... this time in France. According to reports, Minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb revealed the country's plans to decriminalize possession of cannabis last week. Instead of prosecution and imprisonment, marijuana users would be slapped with a...
  5. jonny131

    2nd grow in 8 years

    Organic grow white widow and ak47 Seem to be doing fine
  6. jimmy3toes

    Some help with canoeing leaves

    Just a little help would be great thank you .... I'v got a kush and a blueberry, a few days ago the blueberry looked sick, all the leafs was down but no other signs of anything, so i gave it a compost tea mix and it came back alive after a few hrs ... anyways, i gave the kush some of the tea...
  7. M

    Seedlings drooping

    Shiva shanti 2 Room temp 35C All ph's is around 6.5 Vented room with breeze fan, 1ml per l of molasses and seaweed plant nutes 600watt vipar spectra newest model on 60%veg 20% bloom 18/6 timer Plants are curling on the edges, They've been fine for 2 weeks transplanted a week ago into...
  8. L

    Grow room is okay?

    Hi all, Currently getting some white cookie on the way and 3/5 seeds germinate from cks. the 2 other never show up I was wondering if my setup would be fine to grow 3 plants / enough space. I use some perlite and vermiculite and pro mix soil with distllied water up to now. Should i...
  9. Y

    Expert opinion

    Sunday was last feeding of molasses to an Indica strain of critical mass. Beginning two week flush. Timer malfunctioned causing 600 watt lights to remain on for an additional 6 hours. Temperature peaked at 108. Plants appear to be fine. Should I nix the flush and harvest? Will it hermie or stunt...
  10. M

    Buds mutated lost hairs?

    Buds mutating, please need help. I've been growing for years have never had this problem. I've got a light depo greenhouse have 4 strains all about 4 weeks into bud stage about 1 week ago the og kush lost its hairs and pods are swelling. It appears that the plants are rejuvenating like I...
  11. K

    WI: Marijuana Fines To Disappear For Most Adults

    It took nearly six years for Mayor Bob Miller to cast a tie-breaking vote at a Monona City Council meeting, and when he finally did Monday night, it was to effectively eliminate fines for possession of marijuana and its use in a private home. "The main reason I will support this ... not...
  12. L

    Is this soil fine to start from seed?

    Hi everyone, I read a lot of post and tutorial and watch many video. This gonna be my first time growing a plant. I ordered 5 white cookie strain and i will grow one for my personnal use for my insane back problem pain and to relax. Now, at my location, there not a lot of soil available at the...
  13. K

    IL: Du Quoin Council Postpones Action On Marijuana

    The city of Du Quoin will return to the drawing board before finalizing its plans to assess any specific civil penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana and related drug paraphernalia. Although city officials were expected to take formal action at the Monday meeting of the Du...
  14. aliennnz

    Light fell on plant during night

    you guys think shes gona be fine?
  15. Dan Ultra

    Pennsylvania: Medical Marijuana Law Overview and State Fines/Penalties - 1/01/2017

    Pennsylvania: Medical Marijuana Law Overview and State Fines/Penalties - 1/01/2017 Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Law The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act (Act. 16, 2016), was signed on April 17, 2016 , created the state's medical marijuana program. The program will ultimately allow...
  16. Dan Ultra

    Oklahoma: Medical Marijuana Law Overview and State Fines/Penalties - 1/01/2017

    Oklahoma: Medical Marijuana Law Overview and State Fines/Penalties - 1/01/2017 Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Law In April of 2015 Gov. Fallin signed HB 2154, Katie and Cayman's Law, which allows physicians in Oklahoma to recommend a clinical trial with high-CBD cannabis oil (less than .3%...
  17. Dan Ultra

    Georgia: Medical Marijuana Law Overview and State Fines/Penalties - 1/01/2017

    Georgia: Medical Marijuana Law Overview and State Fines/Penalties - 1/01/2017// Georgia's HB 1 Haleigh's Hope Act Status: Rules and Regulations Not Yet Approved In 2015, the Georgia legislature passed HB 1, which created a patient ID card registry and established a list of eight...
  18. K

    Massachusetts' Recreational Cannabis Looks Promising, But Possible Hurdles Loom

    Massachusetts' new recreational marijuana industry is expected to offer many opportunities for MJ-related entrepreneurs — provided state lawmakers don't slow or extensively revamp the program and municipalities permit retail shops. Last month, 54% of Massachusetts voters approved ballot...
  19. K

    MA: Ask Attorney Adam Fine What Legalization Of Marijuana Means For You

    Marijuana is set to become a legal substance in Massachusetts on Thursday, Dec. 15, while remaining illegal on the federal level. Adam Fine, an attorney who helped write the marijuana law voters approved in November, will be taking questions from MassLive and readers. Log onto MassLive's...
  20. T

    Chop or leave?

    So I added a second 600 watt light the other day, but used a metal halide bulb as my new bulb hadn't been delivered yet.. mistakenly I put the new light on full whack with the boost option turned on the ballast so the halide bulb was pushing out 660 watts I didn't get round to changing the bulb...
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