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    Illinois Communities Set Their Own Marijuana Fines

    Marshall, Ill. – More communities in Illinois are adopting their own penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana now that the state has eliminated the possibility of jail time. The law passed last year says people caught with 10 grams or less of the drug will be issued citations...
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    TN: Memphis Council Finalizes Vote On Pot Fines

    The Memphis City Council voted 12-1 on Tuesday to accept the minutes of its Oct. 4 meeting, cementing a vote creating civil fines for small amounts of marijuana. Memphis police will have the option of enforcing the ordinance, as opposed to issuing state criminal court charges, once Mayor Jim...
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    PA: Less Than A Quarter Of Weed Fines In Philly Are Actually Getting Paid

    On a recent sunny weekday morning in Center City Philadelphia, a man in a wheelchair decided to spark up a blunt. But the marijuana smoker's pleasure was interrupted by police officers who clearly saw him smoking near the SEPTA entrance on the northwest corner of 15th and Market streets...
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    IL: Rauner Gets New Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

    House lawmakers sent Gov. Bruce Rauner legislation on Wednesday to decriminalize marijuana across Illinois, meaning people caught with small amounts of marijuana would be fined instead of receiving jail time. The legislation incorporates changes the Republican governor suggested when he used...