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    Family shot minus the one coco girl I was feeding ..
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    Durban Poison May 2018
  3. A

    Will they ever finish?

    I'll first apologize for not keeping an online journal; I've been paranoid to post or even take photos never mind post the pics. I'm sort of over that now, BUT my first question is should I be concerned about meta-data in the pictures? Forgive me for not including this grows' full background...
  4. S

    Day 49 in flower - Small? How will they finish up? Blueberry, Strawberry H, Pineapple

    Under 2, 300w (5 watt bulbs) led lights. 3 strains 5 plants first grow. 65-75 day strains from ilgm. They are all short plants of 2ft. I topped and did LST during veg. They've always been 2 weeks behind most grows for growth progress. The buds just seem small. They have put on weight this past...
  5. Jackalope

    Frosty leaves

    I just love the frost on this plant. Still needs time to finish
  6. A

    Flawless finish flush - Help

    harvesting in soil 2.5g pots .... using av so feeding for 8wks of a 9 week flower and flushing week 9 .. question is using flawless finish i think i used way too much .. out of the 7.5g of water i need to flush each 2.5g pot with do i use flawless finish in every gallon of that 7.5 g flushing...
  7. D

    Amber trichomes at 7 weeks?

    My blue dream is ready at 7 weeks. The hairs have all turned red and swelled, the trichomes are approximately 20% amber and the buds are beautiful I just never saw a blue dream finish so early. The seeds I used to grow it are my own . I made feminized seeds and was wondering if maybe that has...
  8. kotsotronic

    Lights - Start MH - Finish HPS - Any good?

    How about start early veg with 400w MH 6400k and switch and finish with HPS 400w 2000k. ..any good or money thrown?Apreciate any advice
  9. A

    Force Finishing

    I currently have 4 og kush at just over ten weeks flowering, a friend of mine said if i want to make them finish faster to turn the light down to 9 hrs then a week later 7 hrs,he says this makes them finish in a hurry,, does anyone know if this is true or is good old 12/12 the best way to go
  10. BlissfulToker

    Is it too late for a 3inch plant to produce this year?

    I live in Canada B.C, just wondering if I could expect a 3'' inch tall plant to produce anything this year, or will i end up having to bring it indoors to finish? In case anyone missed the date I'm posting this, it is June 17.
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