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  1. steppedinds

    Cookies, Lemon Skunk & Kush finishing

    Cookies Lemon Skunk Kush
  2. nobodyhere

    Starting an auto in the same tent with a plant finishing flower under 12/12

    I want to get an auto going while my existing plant is finishing up. I have one tent, and don't really have a place outside of it safe from eyes where I could start an auto at 18/6. So...would it be possible to run an auto for 2-3 weeks at 12/12 then switch to 18/6 for remainder of grow while...
  3. D

    Cutting back lights to 8/16 after finishing flower

    I'm curious if cuting back lights to 8 on 16 off after finishing or in the final days of flower would do anything beneficial like increase resin production in photoperiod strains? Anyone heard of anyone trying this?