1. Tead

    Page number ribbon bar wacky

    Page number ribbon bar seems to be malfunctioning. Seen in IE and Firefox....
  2. Richard Richardson

    Internet Explorer Browser Issues - Solved

    Edit - This issue has now been resolved :Namaste: Original Content: Please update your browser to either Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome :thanks: From Wikipedia:
  3. eScott

    'Thread preview' doesn't work in Firefox 3.5.1

    I upgraded yesterday to Firefox 3.5.1 and now the forums thread preview option does not work. You know, where you hover your mouse over a thread title and it shows the box with a preview of the first lines in a threads first post? Now when hovered over, next to the cursor you just get a tiny...
  4. BSGPa

    Firefox problem

    Hi everyone, Has anyone had this problem. Last night i was on here using firefox, which is what i always use. All of a sudden all of the images on the site just disappeared. The pics of the magazine on the home page was gone, and aslo everything in the photo gallery, as well all avitars...
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