first bud

  1. vfbelfort

    Just wanted to know how my first time is going - Critical x Low Ryder Auto

    Hey, just wanted to know how im doing so far, ive got 2 plants (auto criticalxlowryder), they are in the fourth week of flowering, did de veg outdoors, and now are indoors under a 250w HPS lamp, in a 18x8 light regime. The nute im using is PLANGROW, sea weed bloom (1/4 of regular dose)...
  2. akisunni

    My First Buds I have ever grown

    Hey Guys, After a few failed attempts at growing in my youth with nothing to show for it, I finally have my first real bud. Its about 6 weeks into the bud cycle, but its out doors in mid Nov in Nor Cal so not sure if I wont harvest half or so of this bud soon, and then put it back under 24/0...
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