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first grow 600 tent

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    T2's First Grow - Indoor - Soil - Clone Grow

    Hello all T2 here, I just recently started a my first real attempt at growing! My setup is: 4'x2'x5' grow tent 600w SolisTek magnetic ballast 600w Metal Halide bulb *On a 24hr light cycle in Veg right now Open Wing hood **I am in the process of getting real fans and a carbon filter** 3 5...
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    First Grow - 4x4x6.5 - 600W HPS

    I'm starting my first grow in a 4x4x6.5 grow tent with reflective mylar, a 600w hps light, and a fan (not sure of the exact strength). I'm planning on buying 5-6 clones and transplanting them into 5 gallon pots using fox farm ocean forest organic soil and blue planet nutrients. I'm planning on...
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