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first grow cheap cfl

  1. Jimdog

    CFL Cardboard Box Grow

    Just to start off i want to say that this is my first time posting in the forums so if i do anything wrong please let me know:Love: So i decided to start my first indoor grow (I've done 5 seasons outside with great results) A friend of mine is growing in a tiny cardboard box, he gets a moderate...
  2. S

    My First Grow - I'm gonna have plenty of questions

    What up doe? This is gonna be my first grow so I didn't want to invest too much in the start up. I'm using 2 200 w Cfl 6400k for veg(I have a 3rd 200 w cfl but didn't know if I needed to use it)...I may add a few 23 w too. I'm using a 4x2x60 tent.. Don't plan on much heat so I'm just using a 6...
  3. D

    First Grow - Cheap CFL Grow

    Okay so I had these 2 bagseeds and I planted them about 3 weeks and a half ago and this is what they came out looking like so far. I wanted to know if this is basically the first stage of Vegetation. Even though I know I shouldn't, I diluted about 20 ounces of water with one teaspoon of...