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first grow indoor+outdoor

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    JimyB & His Soil Dwelling Dark Angels 2016

    This is my first grow journal and pretty much my first serious effort at growing. Dark Angel is a Indica/Sativa 50/50 mix. Not sure why I chose this strain, I think I was quite high when surfing and finding this site and developing the idea of growing my own plants. It's listed as an...
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    first time grower looking for advice

    ok well this is my first shot at indoor growing i started some clones a little over two weeks ago now and i notice on my best one some leaves look a lil droopy and some of the tips are turning down so i was wandering what i might being doing wrong or if all is well and im over analyzing the hole...
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    My first plant. I have a few questions.

    because my plant is mutated does that mean itll be bad? is this a schwag plant? what strain is it? :rasta:
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    First Grow, Few initial questions

    I am looking into starting to grow in the shed in my garden in an old kitchen cabinet, i have been looking at a 120w MH light to start with. I have been told that polystyrene foam is a better option than foil to line the grow space. i will be using two wall fans in the area, one to extract air...
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    First grow ever.

    Hey 420 mag this is my first post which is pretty exciting because this means its the start of my first grow. I've been lingering around and learning along from the site and finally branching out to grow my own. I would appreciate any help! What strain is it? Exodus Cheese, TNT Kush, Veneno...
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