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  1. T

    Terrapin's Soil Gorilla Glue Auto Grow Journal- 2020

    Introduction First time poster and grower. After lurking for a good while decided to give a shot at cultivating my own. Decided to choose the GG#4 autos given its apparent easy of growing and relatively quicker harvest times. My goal is to successfully produce fruit and cultivate a healthy...
  2. N

    First Grow Journal - NZ Unknown Strain - 1000W - Soil - 4x4 Tent

    High green friends this is my third indoor grow but Today, I start my first journal! I've had my grow going for 5 weeks now. 4 weeks in veg and 6 days of flowering, so we kinda start in the middle of things. Ok Now for the Basics: Light for Vegetative 750W LED light (Chinese but it seems...
  3. Thetahoedude

    The Tahoe Dude's 10 Plant Outdoor Organic Greenhouse Grow

    Hello everybody! :ganjamon: Welcome to my first ever grow journal. My girlfriend is tired of hearing about the plants everyday so I figured I'd bring it here. I live in N lake tahoe and am a CA medical patient. The Plants 2- cherry pie clones. one in a full 30 gal smart pot the others 30 gal...
  4. S

    Attempt At Growing Some Nice Plants & Spending $0

    My attempt at growing a nice Indica strain without spending a single dime on anything at all, got the seeds from a friend if mine who has them from his stash, Soil from the tomato garden, home made nutrients, and getting some nutrients from free samples (Which i plan on using this as a test fo...
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