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  1. I

    How long to harvest? Please Help

    Hi there all! Since this is my first grow, I would really appreciate, if someone could give me some advice on how far away I am from harvest. The strain is feminized Blue Mystic from Royal Queen Seeds. I switched the cycle to 12/12 in the beginning if Marts. Here are some pics...
  2. G

    I need help

    Hello, all, thanks for reading. This is about to get a little specific. I need a good strain that can withstand a lot of rainfall, water-wise, and strength-wise, and heat ranging from 75-95F during the day, and 68-80 during the night. Since my location is just at the equator, we have 12/12...
  3. Insanerooster

    Outdoor Sativa 11 Weeks - First grow

    Hi this is my First time round growing outdoor, i have always been into growing in a grow house with hydro but i had some space in the garden so i tried a Sativa from some bag seed to see how i would do. The plant is now 11 weeks old and just under 2 weeks of flowering, I have bee feeding it...
  4. autopsycho

    Completed AutoPsycho's Indoor Soil First Grow Strains Chronic Headband MIndbender-2013

    So this is my first time growing my medicine. We have a Indoor set up. I have 3 different Hybrid strains HeadBand Mind Bender and Chronic. Today I started week 3 in the flower room, they were in Veg 4 weeks. Veg room we used 2 T-5s overhead and one T-5 on front In Flower we are using 3...
  5. N

    I need some Advice on my plants?

    I have a couple of plants outside, there in natrual soil(clayish) I put ozmocot fertilizer, iv had the for about 3 months. I just always threw my seeds there so I ended up with these buetiful plants(: Look at my pictures plz
  6. jlt1202

    Completed Big Head - Dead Head OG Heavy Yield!

    Hello ALL! So this is going to be my first journal that iv done so it should be interesting for sure lol. What i have are some mature ladies that, tell you the truth, could go in to flower when ever, BUT i want to play mother nature and make them fat as hell before i chop them down Paul...
  7. N

    Abandoned My First Grow!

    I just started my first grow a few days ago, my seedling just came up and it's looking good. While it is my first time growing cannabis (I recently received my card and permission to grow) it is not my first time in horticulture. I'm well versed in most matters plant related. I would love some...
  8. M

    Ways up everyone

    hi, new to the growing ways. my first grow is actually going pretty well. any suggestions or comments would be great.
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