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first indoor grow

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    @Mars Hydro 5x5 ready for its first run!
  2. The Sleeping Joint

    The Sleeping Joint: Soil, Monster Crop Sour Diesel, Grow Journal 2019-2020

    Hello all, I'm starting a grow journal and is going to be updated weekly. I am currently at week 22 and in day 31 of flower. Started with an outdoor grow, flowering Sour Deasel. I cut 6 clones from it, all with budding sites "Monster Cropping" is what I'm told that is. This is my second year...
  3. O

    What is this? Help

    Hello, Over the last week about 3 of my plants started spotting yellow. At first I was thinking fungi so I sprayed with Neem Oil. Now its still getting worse I'm thinking possibly bugs but after inspecting the leaves it doesn't look like there's any poop or eggs. This is my first indoor grow...
  4. B

    First grow need advice

    Hey guys on my first ever grow im 56 days in with auto lemon and im curious as to whats going on with my one plant. I read that as it gets closer to the end the bottom fan leaves can wither and fall off. Well the very bottom ones did couple weeks ago then just the other day the next ones did and...
  5. thedude420

    First Indoor Grow - Brain OG & Tang Haze

    BRAIN OG & TANG HAZE Tent: 48x24x60 Apollo grow tent Lighting: 400w hps with dimmable ballast Exhaust: 6" 435cfm inline fan with 6"x12" carbon filter Air circulation: Small double rotating fan with 4 speeds Germinated in Fox Farm light warrior/seedling pots Nutes: Fox Farm Grow Big & Big Bloom...
  6. G

    Grower69 - WhiteCastle Fem - Indoor Grow Tent - Hybrid

  7. D

    First Time Indoor Grow - 250W HPS - 4 x AutoFlowers

    Hi all, First time grower newbie, thought id log my first attempt at an indoor grow. would really appreciate advice, info and comments ] I am Using: 250 Watt Proxima Euro Light System Florescent T8 tube (for Dark / Shade spots) Standard Oscillating Fan BioBizz All-Mix Soil BioBizz Bio-Bloom...
  8. C

    Cannabis strain unknown having problems

    not sure if 13w energy saving bulbs did anything much but im at 2 weeks an 3 out of 5 plants an starting to look bad big main leaves are curling up gave it two day of sunlight atles watered 4 times daily gave it a boost of miracle grow yesterday need advice asap dont want to lose my first crops
  9. G

    First Indoor Grow

    hello there good people first time attempting magic this is what i will start with King kush Train Wreck Exodus cheese The doctor Super Silver Haze all are feminized from Greenhouse seeds i will soak them for 24h in rain water i collected this week and move them to...
  10. G

    First Timer - Hoping for Big Things to Happen - 400 HPS White Rhino

    Hello, This is my first grow and my girls are 2 weeks old as of today. I was given some feminized white rhino seeds from a friend. Here is what I am using: 400 watt HPS light 2x4x5 grow tent inline 4" air blower digital tempature and humidity gage metromix professional growers soil...
  11. B

    First HID Grow From Clone(s) Purple Kush Diaamond OG

    weeks 1 through 3 clones came from green dragon collective in the valley ca. clones were shot when i got them 2 out 4 1 didnt root period like it wasnt ready when i got it. pretty much a genaral hydroponics grow my base from start to finish 3x3x6 greow tent 400 watt dimmable lumetek 400sl 400...
  12. M

    My Very 1st Indoor Grow - Bag Seeds In MG Soil

    Good Afternoon my fellow green thumbs.............. I am new to 420 Magazine so please bare with me as I am a new student all the way around. I did not choose to grow in a box or in a closet I decided to use a 8x12 bedroom in the basement. I germinated 30 seeds planted 27 21 are now...
  13. Herbanite84

    First Grow Advice Needed - Bubba Kush - Dairy Queen - Blue Widow

    Hi there people! Just want to say thanks for all the wisdom various members have put up so far, and congrats on such a wicked site! This is a friend of a friends first grow, and i want to blog it for help to others in the future, and to help him also! ;) Equipment wise- 1 x tent 80 x 80 x 160...
  14. R

    Inbou's First Time Journal - Rose Bud Variety Pack - Soil - CFL/Fluorescent - Grow

    Hey guys XD, this is technically my 3rd grow after false starts and just sorta quitting. My first grow was a stealth PC box, it was going well, but i didn't maintain it, was too busy with school and what not. Decided i would end that one. The Second one I started was back in December, it was...
  15. R

    Rhodeo's First Diverse Grow! Start Jan 2011 Canada420

    So for my first grow i just want to learn and feel things out. I purchased several different seeds. Mainly Golden AK and Sour Diesel Sage, as well as a 5 seed variety pack from my local seed bank. I believe the AK is Ind-85 Sat-15 and the Diesel Ind-10 Sat-90. Im in the beginning of my grow with...
  16. O

    Help please!

    Hey there 420 network , Let me start off by introducing myself ,My name is Harley ! I am a 26 year old wanting too learn more about horticulture and cultivation ! I am working on my first grow ! I am already 3 months into vegitation, I wanted to wait this long to flower, so I could find a...
  17. Aprentice

    Hello all Im finally starting my first grow

    starting my first grow well into it..I say my first .. It's my first grow that has been remotely successful.I'm sure everyone out there that read these forums has read how helpful these guys are.... So true words can't express :goodjob: When I first started my research, I neither knew what week...
  18. vxscott18

    First indoor grow, suggestions?

    Ok so I'm germinating a purple stavita seed in a wet paper towel right now. I ordered white widow seeds a few days ago and they should be here within a week or 2. This grow is being done in my closet in a big box in a clay pot, prob a plastic one next. Im putting mylar all in the box it should...
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