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first indoor soil grow

  1. JamesOaceO

    400W HPS First Time Grow: Catching You Up On The Action!

    Hello all! I am new to the growing community and am excited to share my journal with you! I have been at this for a little over a month and been keeping a physical journal - I saw this forum and decided it would be cool to share what I am doing and heed suggestions of more experienced growers in...
  2. Radogast

    Radogast's First Indoor Seed Grow - In Search of Mothers

    Under advice from a physician, I have answered the call of the "seed siren". :) My first grow is from seeds. Following above from Jorge Cervantes "Medical Marijuana Bible" I set up a flowering room described below. To begin, Five each White Widow/Hawaiian Skunk/Carmelicious were...
  3. jlt1202

    Northern Lights - Building An Army

    NORTHERN LIGHTS GROW FROM START! I have been cloning my mother plants and got 7 clones that have taken off and are now put into soil, here is some images of them before after their transplant : ) each cup i drilled holes in and filled with mixed soil and stuck in my veg...
  4. Tinknocker711

    First time indoor grow Nutrient problem or is it a ph problem

    Im new here so bear with me as I posted this before but I guess in the wrong place. I am an avid outdoor grower in the northeast with much success so I figured Id try my hand at the indoor world I am growing 5- lemon Skunk, 1 great white shark, 1 cheese, 1 white rhino and 1 super silver...
  5. T

    First Ever Grow!

    hey all! this is my first grow, hopefully all goes well seeds - ghs pure kush type indica soil grow soil type plagron light mix with added perlite light 400w hps (gonna add another 600w hps soon) tent size 1.2m sq x 2m high growing 5 fem seeds age 3 day old seedlings pics up...
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