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first real grow

  1. luvsmokinweed

    My First Grow, My Own Strain-Sledge Hammer & Hpno Buzz

    Hello All!! This is my first serious grow. I've planted as a teen, but was never serious about it:tokin: Now that I'm a bit more educated at it (Still a rookie though LOL) I've decided to give it another shot!! Also, a buddy of mine breed me a couple of new strains!!:high-five: It took some...
  2. M

    Moriarty's Wierd Spliff Seeds Gold Line Power Plant Grow

    Hello all, I brought back some seeds from Amsterdam about a year and a half ago, and now that I have some closet space to myself I figured I'd give it a go. I germinated two seeds, of which one took hold, the other grew with the seed on its head and when I tried to get it off, pop. Head came...
  3. O

    New Grow, Need suggestions on set up

    I will be doing an indoor grow using the following: 6 x 600 watt HPS ( Sodium Bulbs) Not sure on reflectors yet In soil hand water (open to suggestions) Indica, Kush plants The room will be built to any size needed to run 6 x 600 watt system, with area to move around to access all...
  4. R

    hello all, new to forum, about to start grow log soon

    Hey, I'm ready to buckle down and do this for real, i've been studying and preparing. I will be doing a grow journal documenting my progress, hopefully in an attempt to get help if need be. Stay tuned, white widow seeds on the way, bloombox on its way. Havent decided whether i will start with...
  5. Spike69

    First real grow,for my brother

    My brother mover up north to my town from mo.because his seizures were out of control and were gonna kill him.we found 1 of the best medicines was smoke to relax him and his shaking would stop,all around good things.my bro has traumatic brain inj.(not from war)but from riding a harley- a nurse...
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