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    Smokewitme's 1st Time - Soil - Indoor - Critical Hog/Alien OG/FY9 - 2016 Grow Journal

    :welcome: Okay so first time grower(Noob) here could really use some help along the way. right now my light schedule is 18/6 i'm using some lights i had in the house because i have to install a new 240v breaker for the lights i bought. (should of got the 120v i know :blunt:) I'm hoping its not...
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    First Time Grower Trying 3 Plants!

    Hi I am a new to all this, first time grower trying out 3 different plants, Durban poison (germinating greenhouse way) 1 special queen #1 and a special kush #1 (germinated in water then planted) only reason I am try 3 is to try and learn from one plant to the next, no sure if 3 is a tall order...
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