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  1. G

    Is this girl ready for harvest?

    This is a Northern light auto (RQS) in week 10. It is my first time growing cannabis, and I don’t really know if it’s ready for harvest or should i wait 2 more weeks?
  2. Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    For a first timer, (60 grams) of home grown medicine ain’t bad. The bud was a little rough to intake, but it definitely did the job and rocked me to sleep every single time.
  3. Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    You have no idea how excited I was during harvest. Only a couple more weeks before a taste test. I still don’t know the cultivar the plants unfortunately. She was a gorgeous plant.
  4. Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    At first the color change threw me in a frenzy, but I quickly found out that it was totally normal. The hue was so vibrant.
  5. Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    Finally seeing my babies at this stages brought me back to 2014 when I first saw cannabis growing. Full circle.
  6. Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    I eventually learned about males and unfortunately removed one of the babies. Ice did not make it. I gave in and purchased new equipment to help me grow quality medicine. This is where it got fun.
  7. Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    I was spending a lot of money on the weekly basis just to have a hand full of this medicine. This was was the driving factor behind me ultimately dipping my hands in soil. At first, I didn’t expect the plant to take off growing, but the more I learned about it the more invested I got.
  8. Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    Sugar, Honey, & Tea

    Crazy to think it’s only been a couple of months since I started this whole crazy journey. Last year in late June, I was scrapping at the bottom of the bag when I came across 4 seeds. I put the seeds away for a couple of days, holding the urge to pop the seeds, which I inevitably did.
  9. Weffalo

    Weffalo's West Coast O.G. First Time Grow: Indoor, Soil, SIP, Auto

    Hey everyone ! So finally starting my first grow, seeds are still germinating but I'm looking to plant them within the next day or so. I've done a lot of research but as this is a first time grow you can probably expect more questions than images of bud porn to start with I'm sorry <3 Strain...
  10. Chasev89

    First Time Grow

    Hello all. First time grower here and just want company and advice on my journey. How does she look?
  11. Bnizl3

    Bnizl3’s Indoor RDWC- Clay Pebbles: 2022 Kush Fruity Mix Pack Grow Journal

    Kush-Fruity Mix Pack Planted 3/5/2022 Banana Kush-Ending seedling 3/5/22 60% Indica 40% Sativa Mango Kush-Ending Seedling 3/5/22 65% Indica 35% Sativa Blackberry Kush-7 day old seedling 3/12/22 80% Indica 20% Sativa Indoor 3 pot system with res, Rwdc system 4x2x6. Clay...
  12. P

    First grow, octopot, attempted flux

    (All opinions, advice and comments welcome) First time grower, went with 3 gal octopots for convenience. I also wanted to try and do flux training. 2 fem seeds of Kosher Kush. From jump I already knew I miscalculated somewhere with the soil that's why the left plant "N" has more soil than the...
  13. CanadianBacon92

    Pineapple chunk and 2 AK47s successfully transplanted in my garden bed (update)

    Hey everyone! Back with an update. transplanted all three into my garden bed. Pineapple chunk is making a recovery and is happy. dang bug ate half of my fan leaf on one AK. Other than that they doing good! I’ll have another update mid June. thanks everyone for turning in! This is my first...
  14. GrowerGal

    Indoors to Balcony - Advice Needed

    Hi all, First time grow. 5th week. Pre-flowers showing. I'm starting indoors and then I want to take them out mid-May to mid-June (North American weather). I'm growing under weaker lighting (2x 65w and 1x 100w bulbs) and am hoping the sun does the rest. I get minimum 6 hours of direct...
  15. A

    Help Lighting A 4x4x6 Tent

    Hello everyone, I was going to grow outdoors (first time growing) however my outdoor space may have little lighting. I was fortunate and picked up a used 4X4X6 Mars Hydro tent for 50$. I only want to grow 1(Auto-Flowers) maybe 2 but don't want to spend a fortune on a light.I wanted to grow...
  16. D

    What Obstacle Is My Plant Facing?

    Hey guys! I am a first time grower, and I am doing an indoor closet grow. I am using organic growing methods, fox farm potting soil, and fox farm big grow and big bloom fertilizers. I am in week 5 of vegetation, and as this is my first grow, have run into some errors. I was not giving my plants...
  17. Don Logan

    Big Bomb - First Grow

    Long time reader, first time poster. And as it is, first time grower as well. A few months back I took a gamble with Bonza Seeds and purchased a 10 pack of Big Bomb, firstly because it was the cheapest (as I said, taking a gamble with international shipping, etc) and because it promoted the...
  18. T

    1200W 32"x32"x63" First Time Grow

    This is my first time grow, 3 gorilla glue#4 and 1 chronic purple from seed All have been transplanted into 1 cubic foot smart pots, are 3 weeks old at the start of this journal. They are being grown under a generic brand 1200watt LED in a 32"x32"x63" tent(the tent coming soon) with fox farm...
  19. O

    4x4x6.5 1000w HPS grow tent setup help

    I have a yaheetech 4x4x6.5 grow tent that i will be using a 1000w hps bulb and an air cool hood with. Im wondering what size fan i should get as far as CFM. i live in area with roughly high temperatures, although the grow will be indoors in roughly 75 degree temperature. I'm concerned about the...
  20. imtoasted

    300W LED 2x4x5 Tent Soil Grow

    hello everyone! first time grower in the middle of veg right now. im about week 8 into veg and i just got my 300w led and tent almost two weeks ago. my plants are smaller due to growing under cheap florescent lighting at first. plants have responded amazingly with a little help of lst and...
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