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  1. S

    First time growe with either a disease, pest or nutrient deficiency needs help with a diagnosis

    Hey everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right section, but please do let me know if there's somewhere else that would have been more appropriate. I've noticed some yellowish-brownish spots that in some places look like wounds or burns or something but the appearance in most places is more...
  2. parrajara

    First Time Grower: Help Making Sure Everything Makes Sense! Detailed

    Hey folks, Please note post is unfinished, but I've been trying to finish it for a few days and haven't had the time to. So I plan on coming back to update it as time permits. I have provided all of the details that I think are relevant to the current stage that I am in, but if there are any...
  3. D

    4th week flower

    so theres a bud site on my plant that has sone orange within its white pistils, should I be worried?
  4. Y

    600W LED First Time Grower

    Hello 420 family.. I'm gonna grow cannabis for the first time.. As it is strictly illegal here i have to be really cautious..1g can get you 6 to 10 years prison.. Here in my country there isn't any strain and we can buy seed online or whatever we have only one strain here brought from indian...
  5. M

    new grower needing some advice extremely important

  6. M

    Having bit of an issue some advice would greatly be appreciated

    I have a 4x3 ft grow room with 2 critical purple auto and 2 northern lights auto.. for my lights im using a optic 4 led full spectrum. Im using fox farm ocean forest for my medium straight out the bag no added perlite or anything. My planters are the smart pots fabric 3 gallon pots.. my critical...
  7. B

    WWA 10 weeks & they seem to be growing well but not sure - First time grower

    Here are my WWA at 13 weeks and 1 day. They don't seem to be doing much is there something I should be doing different. They are on 12/12 in a grow tent with LED lights. I do bring them outside on nice days. I give them PK 13/ 14 0-10-11. This is my first grow and I'm not sure if they slow...
  8. F

    Needing some help & reassurance

    I've recently started growing but I'm a little concerned whether my plants are growing 'normally' or not. There is a lot of information on the web but hard to depict whether it's the right information. I'm growing 1 Kali Dog and 2 Stress Killers. I'm growing them in my greenhouse with no...
  9. I

    First time grower seeking knowledge on growing Super Silver Haze indoors

    I am seeking as much knowledge, tips & tricks for Growing Super Silver Haze indoor. I have 6 seedlings on day 8 that are about 3.5" tall going on their 3rd nodes. I am planing to mainline/manifold to combat the height issue and also get a higher yield. Does anyone have info on the best...
  10. T

    First Time Grower - Starting Concepts

    First time grower (legal in MA). Where am I now? I have the medium for my grow cabinet. I am trying to go "stealth" until my girlfriend's kids are out of the house (15 & 17). The 15 year old smokes (she is dead set against it and not too happy about my growing because she doesn't condone her...
  11. D

    Yellowed & crispy leaves - Falling off vegetative stage?

    The leaves at the bottom has gotten so crisp or soft and crumpled up to the point they've just fallen off. I hadn't given them any nutrients yet because I was told to wait until the 3-4th week to give nutrients. I have started LST and using pipe cleaners to bend some of the stems and I have...
  12. B

    Strange things are happening! Sick plants

    My fellow growers, I am new to the 420 scene and never made a post. I have spent a lot of time on here reading and learning like im studying for the damn bar exam. So heres my problem with pictures includes. Oh and this is my first time ever growing cannabis. 12 plants with 8 of them to be...
  13. DabQueen

    Im a first time grower and I need all the help I can get

    Recently I was given a plant i guess you could call a rescue? The person I got it from was growing it in their house and couldn't really care for it so they gave it to me. When I got it it was just 5 or 6 inches tall but the leaves were droopy and just looked lifeless. Since I've gotten it it...
  14. Z

    Super noob with questions

    I'm considering growing, and I was wondering if I could use my closet to grow. It's approximately 5feet x 5feet, and has a light bulb on the wall about 6feet off the ground. I'm planning on getting a clone from my local dispensary, and any advice you guys can give me is appreciated.
  15. G

    I suspect I may have bud rot

    Hello, First timer here that is very nervous after i dug around on the internet and found that i may have bud rot. Most leaves that are not connected to any buds are starting to turn yellow and wither away slowly (i've heard this is normal with Autobloom) Leaves at the top bud is curled...
  16. D

    My First Grow Box & First Crop Ever

    This is my experience with my first attempt at making a grow box and trying to grow my first crop. When I started I had no prior knowledge on how to grow marijuana at all.....all I knew was I loved to smoke it...and was getting tired of paying for it. So here I am. After much researcher, mostly...
  17. G

    Garthog's Outdoor WWE-Fem Grow Journal - 2015

    Greetings! Here goes with my Grow Journal. This is my first attempt at a 'grow', and hopefully it'll be fruitful. Strain is White Widow Extreme Feminized Advertized as a 60/40 Indica/Sativa It is currently in Veg stage, 24 days from Germination. I have 4 plants, currently in 6" clay...
  18. B

    BBD32's First Grow - 6 Strains - 12 Plants - 1000W - Medical Grow!

    Hello all, like it says in the title I am starting my first grow with 12 plants. This is a medical grow. Here in Michigan we are allowed no more than 12 plants and no more than 2.5 ounces of usable medicine per patient. I am going to be doing a perpetual grow, hopefully my timing isn't too far...
  19. D

    Donaldd's First 2015 MMJ Indoor Grow - 150W CFL

    -This is my first grow, so if you see anything that i overlooked, or am wrong about, please tell me! I already started my journal in a notebook, and since my plants arent near my computer, this journal isnt as accessible as paper and a pen. With that being said, Ill try to be as detailed as...
  20. NewBoy420

    4x4 grow tent set up, first time growing!

    hello every one let me first say Im super excited to be here. its been a dream of mine to grow the best medicine in the world, for over 5 years now. the opportunity has come to start my own now. thank you god. ok so i need help on the set up i been doing some research for a while, in any one can...
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