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first time growing

  1. CanadianBacon92

    Do these look ok? Healthy?

    It’s been 8 days since they sprouted, I’m just wondering if they look healthy thanks!
  2. Myxomatosis

    Hi there! Myxomatosis Rabbit here

    Hello Peeps!!! Hope you're doing awesome, I'm very new to all this, just today got my Purple Kush babies from Crop King Seeds and will be doing a journal on this strain, doing this for fun as a hobby.
  3. BlueRaspberry

    Hello there (:

    Hello fellow 420 Mag. Members, :nomo: My name is Brittany, but I adore being called Kitten. I used to smoke marijuana for maybe a year? It was back in late 2013 into early 2014. I was a social smoker with a passion. One day when I was high and I got a panic attack, a horrible one at that.. I...
  4. kaylablazeit

    I accidently broke one of my top branches on my plant! Can it be taped?

    So I was bending some of my branches , and one of them I bent a little too much and its like split a little bit where I bent it, its not completely off so I was wondering if I could just tape it? Well I already did but I wanna know if its even worth it or should I just take it off completely and...
  5. kaylablazeit

    Vinegar for lowering ph? Need your opinion!

    Hey, I am a first time grower and I've noticed the leaves on my girls were starting to get brownish reddish spots on the lower leaves, so I decided the test the water with pool strips, the PH and the Aliklinity or however you spell it are the highest the strips will test, and its out of season...
  6. kaylablazeit

    My babies... Advice is most definitely needed! First time growing.

    I have just switched my miracle grow to some organic stuff from home hardware. The temp usually lies between 23-26 degrees during the day and 22-23 degrees at night. I am currently using two plants that have flood lights on them. Someone said the soil is too moist and that they need more light...
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